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Boys Pants #4, Cut Out Mondays

I am having a lot of trouble using WORDPRESS the way I think I should be able to. So I am starting a new format as of today, based on what the website is forcing me to do. I think I must be very inept at these sorts of things, or I simply don’t have the hours to fiddle till I self teach each trick. For now I will post writing, as I am really struggling with the posting of pictures into the text. I am extremely disappointed over this. How can you post about SEWING without PICTURES? But so it goes. A bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you fail to make the turn. So, I shall conform to what I believe I CAN do with WORDPRESS till I learn better. 

Mondays are my day to cut out pants. 

I cut out all the pieces I need for this weeks project. I am very very pleased that I got that finished. It was a good omen, I had enough fabric for everything with no adjustments, and the cut out went very smoothly. 

This pair of pants is for my 9 year old boy. The fabric is an extremely heavy grey fleece, not a polar fleece, a regular, old fashioned, sweatshirt fleece, and it is a beautiful heavy weight. It is a grey/black/white fleck on the right side, and a soft, cozy comfy fleecy white on the wrong side. As soon as I pulled it out of the black bag, I was stuck with how perfect for BOY PANTS the fabric was. I was also struck by the word JOCK. These are the pants they wear. I immediately saw it in my head. That is a good sign with any sewing project. 

I cut out a front and a back pant. I am not going to do side pockets at all, either in seam or on top. I am going to do some detailing on the side seams instead. I did however, cut out back seat pockets, because boys need pockets of some kind somewhere on their pants to store things like wadded up gum and trading cards and rocks they want to keep and stuff like that. 

At this point I began planning for the sewing, and discovered that I don’t own any grey thread whatsoever. I think that is most bizarre. Who doesn’t own GREY? However, given the white/grey/black fleck in the fabric and the heavy white fleecing on the wrong side, which I actually plan to show in some parts of these pants, I have decided to sew them all in white. 

I am excited to start the construction tomorrow, but I must pace myself, go slow,don’t rush, pin and check the seam before sewing, or I will be ripping out seams as much as I am putting them in again. That is referring to the navy blue track pants for the 9 year old, the post I haven’t finished yet, because I had so much trouble with the photos. 

I look forward to your comments.