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Scrapbooking – getting sorted

Digging in a floppy tippy bag, where all your printed paper is smashed together, seemed to make sense when I was hopping from one Scrappy Saturday to the next one. It made sense to have my paper portable in a heavy duty bag with good straps and zipper closures.

Now when I go, if I go, ever, I take almost nothing with me, usually only one project, with all the papers already selected.

Today I sat on my butt and built this cube with two dividers. It’s made with these metal grids and zip ties, and it is rock solid. And it weighs a tonne.

Lots of room to actual view my papers. Sturdy sides and dividers to keep my paper edges square.

This project has been bugging me for a long time. As I am still feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck, today was the perfect day to sit in one spot and fasten many zip ties.

I feel happy, however temporary. I got it done! I’m so glad to get this bag off the floor and out of this room! This metal cube is going up on a counter, right next to other scrap booking supplies.

I want to celebrate this personal victory!

Form and function! A thing of beauty!