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I haven’t been blogging for a while. I’ve been using Instagram instead. The words haven’t been coming for full blog posts about sewing.

Yesterday one of the girls at the shop reminded me that I have followers. Sorry gang.

I’m a really slow sewist and it’s really been getting me down. Trying to dedicate between 30 minutes and an hour every day to just DO SOMETHING towards finishing projects….

Just looking at all the dreams I had for all my aging stash Fabrics. Maybe it’s time to just sew them all into Jammie pants for the world.

Jammie pants and quilts.

I guess I’m having a sad time in sewing land right now.



Nothing better to do when you can’t sleep than stare at fabric in your basement I suppose.

After a time of staring at my horde of fabric…

That wasn’t a mis-spell. Horde, as in a large army of…..things. Not hoard, as in, hoarding.

Anyways, after a great long time of  staring at my fabric, and having many deep thoughts about all manner of things, I have decided to re-arrange it. The fabric. Not the deep thoughts.

I “thought” it was good to store knits in one section, and wovens in another, but I have a better idea now.

Solids on one shelf, and prints on another. And by shelf I mean a space that is 3′ x 3′ x 6′. Jam packed!!!

I read in a sewing book that we should all buy more solids and less prints, and I couldn’t agree more. I would like to give credit where credit is due, but I can’t remember anything anymore so sorry to the lady that originally wrote the book.

I love mixing solids and prints in my sewing projects. Maybe the reason I am feeling less inspired these days, is the overwhelming number of prints I have to choose from, and the few selections of solids buried deep in the horde. Time to celebrate solids and give them the esteemed place they deserve!

Growing kids

I brought up some fabric to cut out a pair of pants for my 12-year-old son. I was disappointed and surprised to discover that I would need more fabric, as his legs have grown!

Upon further examination, I discovered that most of the pieces of fabric that I have purchased over the last 10 years to make pants for my sons are now too small to use for the 12-year-old.

Although he is petite and a very picky eater, I’m sure the 10-year-old is not far behind. That leaves the 5 -year-old boy. I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel any panic at all.

I can combine two small pieces of fabric to create a color block shirt. Colorblocking is NOT really appropriate for pants,  unless you were just adding patches, or pocket facings for interest. What boys need, are pants. Boys, destroy pants, much faster, than they destroy shirts.  April is the 12-year-old’s month. I would like to make him at least two pairs of pants, before the end of the month. However, at the moment, I only have one piece of fabric that is big enough to make him a pair of pants.

Don’t get me wrong. I have MUCH fabric in my basement that is long enough to make him a pair pants! Pretty pink plaids,  yellow and lime green fleece, many printed tee shirt materials, velvets and minky, and flannels in lime green and orange.

None of these fabrics are appropriate for a boy who is entering grade 7 in September.  I feel as though what I am experiencing,has less to do with what’s in my stash, and more to do with the sensation every mother experiences  over and over again as her child grows,

My Baby Is All Grown Up! 😢<<<<


I need more.


Everyone always says I have so much thread at home I really should use up first but I say no. A little tiny spool of exactly the right color thread to finish your project perfectly is worth the couple of bucks up front.

I sew from my stash of fabric and stash of notions quite often from start to finish without ever running out for anything extra. I clearly have too much, but the right colour of thread every time would be wonderful.

So I hope I don’t buy any more fabric for a long time to come, but if I do, I am going to buy a small spool of thread in the perfect match for each new fabric.

Don’t you agree that it would be nice to have more colours of thread on hand?