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I am halfway through a pair of pants I intended to be church pants for my 4 year old.

My sewing machine has crapped out. Something is wrong with the tension inside the upper machine. No amount of changing thread or bobbin or needle or adjusting anything fixes it.

So my machine must go in for a tune up.

I will have to use this time to….cut out projects!!! And serge all around all my pieces, so they are ready to sew together!



dear sewing…

I hate you. I never want to see you again unless sometime in the future i happen to live alone again. 

You are mean. You are an evil monster. I want to throw both my machines right through the front window. But i love my windows, so i wont. 

You are a real jerk. All i wanted to do was finish my kids pants, you know? 3 hours later, all i have is a mess of thread and some ruined leg pieces. Also, my one year old ate my tampons right out of the box right out from under the bathroom sink while i was trying to rethread my serger one million times. 

I hate you sewing. I hope i never meet you again. 

The seven year itch to finish the 7 year pant project.

I cut these out at least 7 years ago. I don’t know if I cut them out before my second child was born, or between my first and second. I know that both my two older kids were dedicated at the Baptist Church and I know that I cut these out at a craft retreat with those ladies from that church.

These are for me. These are a summer Capri pant. The fabric is real linen, something I was obsessed with wearing all the time before motherhood. Before I discovered that Lycra after baby is best. Before I had a sack of elephant skin on my belly leftover from pregnancy that won’t go away.
I bought the fabric in Nova Scotia at a buy 2 get 1 free sale at FABRICLAND.
Imagine coming home from vacation with a suitcase heavy with linen fabric…my hubby was NOT impressed. But real linen! In such a beautiful solid color! On sale! How could I NOT???

A better look at the fabric, and a close look at my favourite stitch on my current sewing machine. I have never had this seam pop because of too much strain on the seam by the wearer. Before my new serger arrived a few weeks ago, this was also how I finished off all my pieces to prevent fraying before sewing. It’s a sort of a zig zag. It gives a little, it stretches a little, but it’s prettier and less obvious than a traditional zig zag that so clearly shouts HOMEMADE!!!!! when you see it on a garment. And, it’s not too hard to rip out. Because I make a lot of mistakes.
In the seven years since I have cut these out, I lost some of the pieces, but each time I found them again, I would attempt to put at least one more seam in before I set them aside to be lost in the abyss of the basement again. Eventually, all the pieces were together in one!!!! This is how I discovered them this time, in the midst of my turn all my fabric into pants project. All they needed was a waistband and a hem.




I added bias tape for a waist band. This is also my new thing that I am doing on all these pants I am making. I FOLD the bias tape over to hide the join, and it leaves an opening for elastic to thread through that I DONT have to sew shut after. Meaning I can replace or resize the elastic at any time in the life of the pants. This is big for me, because I am hoping that pants I sew for my 9 year old will also eventually go onto my 7 year old and then my 3 year old. They are after all, all the same gender. Perhaps only a dream. And for myself, I really really really want to drop a few pounds now that my tubes are tied and we are really really not going to have any more, so hopefully, I can tighten the elastic as time goes on if need be.

As you can see, I was able to try out my new serger on the hems of these capris. Over all, I am very pleased with the results, despite the fact that it took me at least 7 years to finish these. I am just glad they are DONE and out of my basement and can be useful now.
Other great news, I think I have finally figured out WORDPRESS. The iPad app is way easier to use than the PC version.

I look forward to your comments.