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👼 Vange’s Rayon Shop pants See & Sew B6348


Actually? Now, What the Hell? Help! Kwik Sew 3275 size 8

Would you look at what happened after a few washes? What the hell?

Feedback, please!!!

More fabrics from the basement, and a pattern from my binder. Nothing new bought for this. Actually, really exciting news. While cleaning in my fabric hell I was able to combine 2 blue bags into 1! It was during that process I came across these pants, already cut out, with the pattern pieces still attached. If my memory serves me right I was attempting to alter the size 8 pattern to fit my 12 year old and discovered they were, again, too short. In frustration I threw them into the pit of dispair. Well, discovering them now is Gods perfect timing, as the 10 yr old just asked for more cozy pants.

Boys pants must have pockets. I chose a contrasting remnant to make the pockets. Too weird? I think the top stitching helps make them look store bought. I love top stitching. I really enjoy doing it, and I really like the look. Chalk line will disappear once I wash them….

I added a heavy ribbing waist for the elastic casing, but in reality, when he finally tried them on, they are a few inches too long, so I could have just turned under a waist band.

To compensate, I made a wide ankle cuff, and put elastic in, to keep the pants from dragging on the floor until he grows a wee bit taller.

Overall, I am very, very pleased with the completed pants.

And, it’s gone from my basement forever! That’s the best part!

Pants Too Tight

Apparently I don’t even know how big around my kids are. I don’t know if it’s because they change and grow and get skinny and then bulk up again before the next growth spurt…

The one thing I have a real issue with is sizing elastic waist bands!  It seems so simple, the elastic stretches for Goodness sakes! Even with this concept sometimes I don’t get it right. Sometimes the pants fall right off of them, or, even with the elastic all the way around, the kids complain they are just too tight. I did try to mimic the store bought adjustable waistbands in a few pairs of pants…3 to be exact. C seems happy with hers, M refuses to wear his ever, and I have not yet heard from J if he has any thoughts on the fit or fussiness of it.

Adding the two buttonholes and sewing the elastic down and handstitching in buttons is fine if you’re making a pair of pants from scratch. On this pair, I had already completed them and the elastic was too small and too tight, and she complained about them every time I put them on her. So I cut a hole in the Tknit, because I know it won’t fray. And then I did a cheat. I don’t like the way it looks from the outside of the front of the pants because of how much the button seems to pull to one side or the other. My girl could care less about this little fact, though. Now that they have been hacked, she is quite comfortable in them, in fact, she wore them for 24 hours straight and refused to take them off, the last time she wore them with the new bigger waistband.

So if the photos don’t make it clear, the button is on the inside of the waistband, the cut facing her belly button. The button goes through a buttonhole on both ends of the elastic. So instead of having to adjust to adjust at each hip,which is a good idea in pants with a fly or a front opening, just one adjustment at the center front  of these pull on pants.

I’m about to start another pair of pants for her…. in flannel, not knit, and I really want to finish them fast, as the end of the month is approaching quickly. I do want to include buttonhole elastic, i’m just not exactly sure how I’m going to make it work this time.


The soup can method strikes again! With stable, firm, thicker fabric, why pin? So much time can be saved by plopping soup cans down on simple and large pattern pieces.


All the time you saved can be used to search for 2 misplaced pattern pieces. I spent over an hour this morning searching for these 2 pieces. After I cut out all the other pattern pieces I needed, and discovered these 2 very essential beauties were M.I.A….

Tips and Tricks to keep everything together in one package between sewing times for unfinished projects? I could really use some pointers!!!


Yes. My unfinished projects are a mess. Surely there must be a better way than piles and stacks, where I can still have it all at my fingertips?


Cutting notches and placing markings are such a pain!!!! With 4 kids in my face I have come up with a time-saving and SUPER easy (BETTER) way than anything that was ever taught to me. Children’s washable markers!!! Mark your all your notes and transfers with ease. I placed small notches on these particular pieces, but with washable markers, you can make the marks as BIG as you feel, as the marks will simply wash away the very first time you wash your finished item….

That’s all the time we have for today, folks! Back to mothering and scrubbing toilets and cooking etc. Took me an entire week, but at least I got the challenging jammies ALL CUT OUT!!! Now, where is that stink coming from….


New Look 6446 Take 2

Seriously might be the cutest pants I’ve ever made. I had just enough fabric, and just a little more than I needed of the bias tape ruffle. I put one piece on inside out. I don’t even care, do you know that??? No one is going to notice. And if they do I will pick them right in the face. Just kidding.

After my last mishap with pants fitting or the lack there of fitting I stopped going by the pattern for certain measurements. For example a girls size to waist according to the pattern is 20 3/4 inches. I measured pants that actually fit her, and the waistband measures 18 inches. That’s a BIG difference on a 2 year old!!!

When in doubt go back to what you know, in this case pants

After much sadness anger and frustration over my bad sewing day yesterday I have reached some decisions. Or….ideas. 

I’m going back to pants. I like sewing pants. Everyone wears pants. Jammie pants…sport pants…cargo pants…dress pants…work pants…golf pants…clown pants…

I understand pants. You can change the pockets, the hem line, the snugness (fit), the waistband, add a zipper, etc, but, basically, pants never change. They are pretty predictable. There are some fronts, there are  some backs. And no matter how fancy your pants are, really, there are only 4 seriously important pieces. 

Also, I am going to set some limits on fabric and pattern combinations, as I seem to be in a bad habit of choosing the wrong fabric for a clothing pattern on a regular basis, leading to glompy looking clothing. 

Glompy is so a real word. Ask any MANTAI. 

So the new fabric rules are…..drum roll please…..

Only light flowing fabrics to make clothes patterns. The exception to this rule is heavy stretchy fabrics for PJS. 

Heavy fabrics are to be used for bags, hats, aprons, and other crafty patterns. 

Everything else is for quilting. 

I promise to do my best to stick to these guidelines…..

Take a Chance on Pants

I have a lot of fabric. That is an understatement. I have no where to store most of it properly at the moment. And I am 7 months pregnant with my 4th child. I already gave away a lot of my fabric once in my life, when I believed I had replaced sewing with scrap booking as a hobby. Then I started working at the fabric store again, and at first I was very very good. All my pay cheques went to gas, cell phone, and paying down the VISA. And then, of course, a few months in, I cracked. The hoarding due to ridiculously good deals began anew.

So, at the moment, the fabric situation in the basement laundry room area is pretty much knee deep. Even if that IS an exaggeration, I can’t actually see the floor. Anywhere there.

The best part is that my Mother In Law arrives in about 8 weeks to help with the new baby. All I have to do is look around the laundry room and I can feel the anxiety mounting. She doesn’t understand this part of me AT ALL.  My husband doesn’t either, but he has a den all to himself, so he leaves me alone about the hoarding in the basement situation for the most part.

I  have three boys, and myself to clothe. In the last year or so, two out of three of my boys have gotten very very picky over PANTS. Issues abound every morning when attempting to get them dressed for school, issues of comfort, issues of too loose, too tight. Too short. Too long.

So,here we go. Pants, especially sporty type pants with elastic waistbands, are NOT particularly difficult to sew…. I could fit them at each step of the way, for length, for too wide, for too long in the waist to crotch seam. I can make each waistband (elastic) exactly the right tightness.

Next, my brilliantly creative, (and OCD) mind came up with a plan to evolve hoards of fabric into useful pants for small, medium and large boys, and me too. Won’t this make my husband and my Mother In Law happy? They will actually be able to see process into the cleaning up of the basement mess.

Monday – cut out pants pattern. Tuesday – sew on all pockets. Wednesday – sew main side seam and crotch seams. Thursday – waistband. Friday – hem. In this way, I would produce a new pair of pants, whether they are simple dress pants, track pants, or jammie pants, every single week. A new piece of fabric gone from my stash every single week. And, at this “easy -few -steps -a -day” rate, I should be able to sew for about an hour, while kids are in school, and hubby is at work, and STILL get lots of housework done! Especially since I have discovered that sewing in the mornings after my cup of coffee energizes me to get going and get things done. I was SEW excited!

What could go wrong? Well, the FIRST week the pants went together like a house on fire…sigh. Stay tuned for more photos and updates.