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Finished is finished no matter how simple

This morning after the Biggs went to school I finished two pillowcases. Finished and finished perfectly gives me great satisfaction. I’m struggling with some personal issues and some mental health issues compounded by sick kids and horribly cold weather. As a result I will be making changes to my sewing life. I will be returning to my original pants pants and more pants destination. But these pillowcases were also a very simple project. I can’t take full credit for them anyway. A lady at work started them then decided she didn’t want them and gave them to me half finished. All I have to do was Serge the seams and add a nice wide folded over band or hem or whatever.  Still the satisfaction of taking a piece of fabric and turning it into a useful functioning item is grand!!!


The devil is in the details

I’m so happy with this finished project. It was a simple, free, pattern to download from craftsy.com, from NapTimeCreations. I went berserkers making it way more complicated. I am having trouble inserting links….

Raglan Shirt pattern 18mth – 10T

Nap-Time Creations


I used my Cricut to cut out the shape with wax paper. I used In My Garden cartridge. image

I am just trying to decide now if the bias tape on the bottom of the shirt looks cool or dorky.


I ironed the wax paper onto the orange fabric. Then I fussy cut the orange fabric out, with the wax paper still glued to it. I placed scraps of wider bias tape behind the centers of the flowers, and attached the whole design to the front of the shirt using Heat and Bond. I accidentally bought the featherlite Heat and Bond, so the flowers are not really staying on. I am much better at straight stitches, rather than sewing on a curve. (WHO ISN’T???) I think the straight stitches to hold the flowers on adds a unique design element.


Cuffs on the sleeves are not part of the original pattern either. I guessed. I am very happy with the result. I top stitched the cuffs with a stretch stitch to get a more store bought look, and also to force the seam allowance to lay flat inside the sleeve.


The pattern calls for stretch knit, and I chose a contrasting woven front, flannel. If I did this again, I would cut the woven piece on the bias, to give lots of stretch.


Adding the piping between the front and sleeve, I used my zipper foot, and moved my needle position to get as close to the edge of the roll of the piping as possible. I only did one layer of fabric at a time. It meant sewing the seam twice with a stretch stitch, (time consuming!) but well worth the EXTRA STEP for a perfect finish.


I top stitched the neck band as well, again, to force it to lay flat, and not roll out, and for more of a factory look. I have learned the hard way to always use a stretch stitch when top stitching, even when top stitching non stretch projects. The top stitching just seems to snap or burst at the slightest stress.


I am so pleased with the finished project. It will be interesting to see what happens after I wash it….will the petals curl up? Will that look neat, or lame?


New Look 6446 Take 2

Seriously might be the cutest pants I’ve ever made. I had just enough fabric, and just a little more than I needed of the bias tape ruffle. I put one piece on inside out. I don’t even care, do you know that??? No one is going to notice. And if they do I will pick them right in the face. Just kidding.

After my last mishap with pants fitting or the lack there of fitting I stopped going by the pattern for certain measurements. For example a girls size to waist according to the pattern is 20 3/4 inches. I measured pants that actually fit her, and the waistband measures 18 inches. That’s a BIG difference on a 2 year old!!!


I have had this pattern since my oldest was 4. He is 11 now. I have made these pants many times, with many variations, never exactly like the pattern. This time I added cuffs, and a contrasting waistband and contrasting pocket inserts. I did not do side leg cargo pockets or back pockets, because these are, after all, jammie pants in batman flannel. I am very pleased with how these turned out. What functional item will I sew up next, out of my big basement stash? I love making pants. Everybody needs pants.