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Kwik Sew 4172

I haven’t blogged in a long time. The truth is it just hasn’t seemed worth the effort. I never get to use the computer without children crawling on me anymore. But this pattern I do want to make some notes for myself and also for others to read about in case they want to attempt this pattern themselves. This red rayon is very thin. My serger certainly doesn’t like it.it’s also much more shifty than most rayons I’ve sewn with.  I am very glad that the skirt is so full as the fabric is so thin. On all these dresses I sewed almost every seam with a triple stitch,  or a stretch stitch because it was just so shifty the last thing I wanted was for the fabric to stretch a bit and the seams to snap.

What a ridiculous amount of time I spent making the straps.  I won’t do that again. Next time I will cheat and use wide satin ribbon. In fact, that’s what I will do when I make the denim and pearls dress in July.  🎀

The pattern calls for a centre seem down the front and a seam down the middle of the back. I’m sure this is so the hem line isn’t all wonky. But with this red Rayon the hemline is completely wonky anyway….so I think the next time I make this pattern I will cheat and lay the Centre front on a fold. 2 less seams to sew and serge…A week is not long enough to make a dress. Not with 4 kids. I’m a full time mum. That’s just how it is. No one forced the deadline on me. I chose it. When will I ever learn? I seem to do this to myself about every 5 years or so….



Completion of Kwik Sew4171

Isn’t it gorgeous!? Isn’t it lovely!? I am IN LOVE with my new dress…

Just a couple of things. It’s too big. I’m unsure how this happened. I made an xl. The last time I made a Kwik Sew for myself with a knit I made a large and it was too small.

Secondly. Why does the front hem roll like that on the tulip skirt after wash and dry? I will press it this one time with starch, but if it does it every time, I’m throwing it in the donation bag.

Next, the fleece contrast cowl has an unfinished edge. I am on the fence about this. Do I love it? Will anyone even notice?

Lastly, it looks like a potato sack on me. A pretty potato sack, but a sack nonetheless. It’s ok. It was only my muslin version. It was all free to me fabric. I will still wear it. Often.

I have done more research on my cello type body since I began this project. I will make it again, but hack it. Shorten the skirt a little, and add in a wide snug waistband instead of a skimpy elastic.

All in all, this dress went together like a dream project. I can’t wait to make it again!