Favourite Kwik Sew Kids Pants pattern, 2858

Happy New Year, everyone! I love this pattern. I’ve used it so many times. It’s cut out in a size 4. It was my first Kwik Sew Pattern, and it was the beginning of a love for Kwik Sew. I used it when my oldest was 4, and he is 12 now. Now I’m about to start on a pair of pants for my 4th child! I have used this pattern more times than I can count; I have shortened it, lengthened it, reinforced the pattern pieces, and sewn it over and over again. I am chomping at the bit to get going on this pair for my wee girl now.

In the end she loves the cosy softness and I love the pockets with trim. I shorten them because they are a size 4 but they are almost too short so I won’t shorten the pattern pieces next time I sew this pattern for her.



Nothing better to do when you can’t sleep than stare at fabric in your basement I suppose.

After a time of staring at my horde of fabric…

That wasn’t a mis-spell. Horde, as in a large army of…..things. Not hoard, as in, hoarding.

Anyways, after a great long time of  staring at my fabric, and having many deep thoughts about all manner of things, I have decided to re-arrange it. The fabric. Not the deep thoughts.

I “thought” it was good to store knits in one section, and wovens in another, but I have a better idea now.

Solids on one shelf, and prints on another. And by shelf I mean a space that is 3′ x 3′ x 6′. Jam packed!!!

I read in a sewing book that we should all buy more solids and less prints, and I couldn’t agree more. I would like to give credit where credit is due, but I can’t remember anything anymore so sorry to the lady that originally wrote the book.

I love mixing solids and prints in my sewing projects. Maybe the reason I am feeling less inspired these days, is the overwhelming number of prints I have to choose from, and the few selections of solids buried deep in the horde. Time to celebrate solids and give them the esteemed place they deserve!

Burda 9641 #2


Don’t I have great socks? Just when I was down to about 5 pairs of socks a friend emptied her sock stash and gifted me many pairs. This is the way the Lord provides.

Back to sewing. I do not sew my own socks. Yet. Back to sewing PANTS.

These are again pants for the 12 year old. I narrowed the leg substantially, tapering it down to the ankle, along the inseam. Pants are narrower in fashion right now, and I didn’t want pants for school to look like baggy sweats on him.

I made this version in black French terry. I have mixed feelings about the result. It drapes. It’s not what I expected for kids casual pants…

I can’t believe how long his legs are, and growing more every time I measure him for pants. I actually didn’t have enough fabric AGAIN.

As a result I made the waistband out of ribbing. I made the pockets out of T-knit. I ADDED a ribbing cuff, because these were a tiny bit too short AGAIN!!! And he still is a skinny kid. None of the store bought pants that are long enough in the leg stay up around the waist.

Next up, this same pattern, in a softshell. He has requested waterproof wind proof cozy pants that don’t look like snow pants.


Boys size 14, Burda 9641

As always, I welcome your comments and questions.

I find the legs a little wide at the bottom still, but when I look at the photos, I see that is how the pattern is. I rushed to finish these so I forgot to attempt the fake fly.

Not enough fabric for the full length of the waistband. I thought I could stretch the waistband to fit the pants. Ended up with a pucker. Damn.

This kid is desperate for pants that fit. If this PJ tester fits well, I will make this pattern again with more pockets, narrower lower leg, and fake fly…



Sewing your own sheets is thrilling!

I have wanted to sew my own sheets for years. But the mitred corners scared me. Desperate for new sheets and broke with a huge stash of fabric in my basement I finally bit the bullet and did it. But I cheated. I cut a square of fabric to fit the top of my mattress. Then I cut 12 inch strips and sewed them all the way around the square. No mitred corners required! I love the results! Tomorrow I will zigzag elastic to the edge of my new sheets. I may never buy store-bought sheets ever again!

Kwik Sew 4172

I haven’t blogged in a long time. The truth is it just hasn’t seemed worth the effort. I never get to use the computer without children crawling on me anymore. But this pattern I do want to make some notes for myself and also for others to read about in case they want to attempt this pattern themselves. This red rayon is very thin. My serger certainly doesn’t like it.it’s also much more shifty than most rayons I’ve sewn with.  I am very glad that the skirt is so full as the fabric is so thin. On all these dresses I sewed almost every seam with a triple stitch,  or a stretch stitch because it was just so shifty the last thing I wanted was for the fabric to stretch a bit and the seams to snap.

What a ridiculous amount of time I spent making the straps.  I won’t do that again. Next time I will cheat and use wide satin ribbon. In fact, that’s what I will do when I make the denim and pearls dress in July.  🎀

The pattern calls for a centre seem down the front and a seam down the middle of the back. I’m sure this is so the hem line isn’t all wonky. But with this red Rayon the hemline is completely wonky anyway….so I think the next time I make this pattern I will cheat and lay the Centre front on a fold. 2 less seams to sew and serge…A week is not long enough to make a dress. Not with 4 kids. I’m a full time mum. That’s just how it is. No one forced the deadline on me. I chose it. When will I ever learn? I seem to do this to myself about every 5 years or so….


Growing kids

I brought up some fabric to cut out a pair of pants for my 12-year-old son. I was disappointed and surprised to discover that I would need more fabric, as his legs have grown!

Upon further examination, I discovered that most of the pieces of fabric that I have purchased over the last 10 years to make pants for my sons are now too small to use for the 12-year-old.

Although he is petite and a very picky eater, I’m sure the 10-year-old is not far behind. That leaves the 5 -year-old boy. I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel any panic at all.

I can combine two small pieces of fabric to create a color block shirt. Colorblocking is NOT really appropriate for pants,  unless you were just adding patches, or pocket facings for interest. What boys need, are pants. Boys, destroy pants, much faster, than they destroy shirts.  April is the 12-year-old’s month. I would like to make him at least two pairs of pants, before the end of the month. However, at the moment, I only have one piece of fabric that is big enough to make him a pair of pants.

Don’t get me wrong. I have MUCH fabric in my basement that is long enough to make him a pair pants! Pretty pink plaids,  yellow and lime green fleece, many printed tee shirt materials, velvets and minky, and flannels in lime green and orange.

None of these fabrics are appropriate for a boy who is entering grade 7 in September.  I feel as though what I am experiencing,has less to do with what’s in my stash, and more to do with the sensation every mother experiences  over and over again as her child grows,

My Baby Is All Grown Up! 😢<<<<


I was so careful and I STILL did it wrong. I will have to rip these triangles out and switch the sides. This is the most precise and exact quilt I have ever done, and I want it to be just so. Oh well. I am just going to sew new ones for now, and set these backwards one aside for now.