I’ll need to sew for 16 more years

I attempted to count my Fabrics recently. I got up to 107. I only counted one shelf of 2, and none of the Rubbermaid tubs or milk crates or cardboard boxes.

So let’s just round that right up to 200. But I have plans for it all!!!

So. A good plan would be to try to use up 1 entire piece of fabric every month. I think I could do that.

It would take me 16.7 years to sew up everything in my basement.

Why did I even do this math? This was not encouraging! I love all these fabrics! I love my fabric corner! It is a land of dreams!

This is good math to consider when people ask me to sew for them. “Actually, right now, I have 16.7 years of projects already planned, but I can add you to the list, if you like?”

That makes me laugh a little…. 😊

Happy sewing.


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