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May 21 2018

Ho Hum. Reduce Reuse Recycle.


No one likes mending….not anyone that I know of anyways. However, the reality is that skilled trades people spend a lot of time, and quality work, in MENDS. Most builds aren’t new builds….

Doing mending should not be something that makes me roll my eyes and make a gagging sound.

Today I am mending the inside of a high quality sleeping bag. It will take time, as one side is overstretched along the tear. I will line it up, starting in the middle, and pin it along the 24 inch tear. Then a straight stitch with a very tiny needle should work on this lining fabric….

Still, boring. Like washing pee off toilet areas or doing dishes. But still an important job!


Suddenly its Summer, or, See You in September

Meanwhile in Canada, its gone from -27’C to +27’C.

3 boys asking to wear shorts everyday.


I’ve been sewing you all pants, all year, and now you are asking for SHORTS?!?

I have a huge pile of pants with the knees blown out… (Did I mention 3 boys?)

I won’t blog about hemming pants into shorts, but that’s what I will be doing for a while now….

My in laws arrive from the other side of Canada on June 12.

I won’t sew while they are here for a month…

And, I won’t sew over July and August, while all 4 kids, and hubby are off, and  home for the summer months.

I will try to throw up an occasional photo over the hot days….

Take Care of You, and Keep on Sewing ON!