McCalls 4103 view D size 6

It’s so cute and my 6 year old loves it, but I’m not really happy with the fit, it’s huge on him. Luckily kids grow!

I did the collar differently than the pattern calls for. I wanted the neckband to be ribbing. I also debated about putting ribbing on the cuffs and on the hem, but it’s already too big. I felt this would swallow my little guy whole!

I’m glad it’s done. The Canada fleece was a free to me scrap of fabric. The green fleece was from my stash. I bought it for 3$ a metre some years ago. It is the weirdest fleece to sew with….stretching and twisting and slipping out from under the presser foot. I thought on this simple project it would be OK, but my seams on the cuffs and hem are wonky because I cannot sew a straight seam on this stuff if my life depended on it!

I don’t LIKE this green fabric…but it’s such a great colour for kids. Hopefully my next move with what’s left of the green is a project that works with its issues, not against them. If I was rich I would invest in a Walking Foot, maybe that would solve the problem?


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