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Tough stuff

That’s me, with a piece of polka dot fabric on me head. My friend is laughing at my frustration over this quilt…and life in general I suppose.

This is what happens when I drink and craft. I get into the sauce, I get saucy.

Hoping to actually finish this crazy quilt today. It’s for my 11 year old, and he doesn’t “like” it.

This is why I think sewing fairly for all my children is dumb. Not all of them “like” homemade mommy style things!

So what should I do with this thing I spent over a year working on, on and off!?!?


Kwik Sew 3983 s4 view C

These went together like a house on fire! It’s been a really really long time since I finished a project IN ONE DAY! I cut them out, and made them! No pockets. Very basic leggings pattern. One piece, front and back leg together. Sew crotch seam, sew inseam, fold over elastic casing waistband.

She LOVES them! Mom, can I wear these forever? They are so cozy! Next up, an orange pair, and a teal pair.

This fabric is 100% cotton interlock from The Plains People of Turtle Island. It is absolutely gorgeous fabric. It rolls a bit once it’s preshrunk, but not so much that my cut pattern pieces rolled. The weave is incredibly fine. Next time I will consider even a tinier sewing machine needle point.

This fabric is from my basement, but it was not free to me. I bought it, fair and square, and it wasn’t a cheapy one, but these interlocks are 90″ wide! Worth every penny.

Now I’m curious to see how the fabric holds up after countless wearing and washings.

From the remaining fabric, should I sew her a shirt, or a second pair of these leggings?


Sometimes I complete a sew and I love it. Sometimes I complete a project and it’s just MEH.

This is a MEH. While cleaning my fabric storage area, I came across the navy rib knit, all cut out. I started it as a school shirt for my grade 7 son.

I don’t have any idea what pattern I used. The sleeves are a good length. The shirt part, front and back, was about a foot short!

Crop shirts for boys/men are def NOT trending at this time!

I am pleased with my brilliant idea to add a colour block band. Actually, in hindsight, maybe it was someone else’s idea as I complained a lot about it. Will the blue colour run into the white? I’m excited to find out. Weird, but true.

I top stitched the whole thing in white. I LOVE top stitching! I love the look of it. But I feel like on this project it should have been narrower.

Lastly, I’m really disappointed with the way the sleeves bell out at the end. So disappointed, I might rip out the hem, and add cuffs.

In conclusion, I just wasn’t feeling this project. I just wanted it done. I rushed. I’m never happy with rushed projects. I probably should have just put it back in the basement and made something else for his turn to get something “made by Mommy”.

Next up, fast easy leggings for my lil gurl. Hopefully. Fast. Hopefully. Easy.

McCalls 4103 view D size 6

It’s so cute and my 6 year old loves it, but I’m not really happy with the fit, it’s huge on him. Luckily kids grow!

I did the collar differently than the pattern calls for. I wanted the neckband to be ribbing. I also debated about putting ribbing on the cuffs and on the hem, but it’s already too big. I felt this would swallow my little guy whole!

I’m glad it’s done. The Canada fleece was a free to me scrap of fabric. The green fleece was from my stash. I bought it for 3$ a metre some years ago. It is the weirdest fleece to sew with….stretching and twisting and slipping out from under the presser foot. I thought on this simple project it would be OK, but my seams on the cuffs and hem are wonky because I cannot sew a straight seam on this stuff if my life depended on it!

I don’t LIKE this green fabric…but it’s such a great colour for kids. Hopefully my next move with what’s left of the green is a project that works with its issues, not against them. If I was rich I would invest in a Walking Foot, maybe that would solve the problem?

Store bought vs Homemade

Rant. And I would love feedback.

One thing I find it really frustrating is when I buy clothes for my kids and after two washes the seams are breaking and I have to spend time mending them anyway. Or, I have to alter all the pants to fit their slender frames. I could’ve just sewn them to begin with. It’s so frustrating time versus money money versus time. There’s just never enough of any of it.

That is all for today.

Have a good weekend everyone.

I’m going downstairs to order groceries online.