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McCalls 4103 view D size 6

There are so many ways to cut out a pattern. Here is what I have found to be the best for me, right now.

Step 1,

I cut my pattern pieces out, on the size I actually want to use, with paper scissors. Couple of reasons. Mostly age. Sometimes, multi sized patterns I have to hold close to my eyes. This is hard to do when it’s pinned down to a fabric. Secondly, 4 kids are distracting. Cutting out the pattern first narrows down the mistakes I might make with the actual fabric.

Step 2,

I tape my pattern pieces to my fabric. For most fabrics, they don’t shift. If I am working with a slippery, shifty fabric, I will actually pin it. I find that taping the tissue paper can strengthen my pattern pieces in the long run.

Step 3,

I grab my FABRIC ONLY scissors and I cut out my pieces.

This is the method I have found to be the fastest and least confusing, to get the pieces cut out.


Sewing mojo / energy

My sewing mojo is completely gone. I am very concerned. I have no desire to sew anything! Everything feels too hard! I love sewing, it’s for pure pleasure for me. And now my life has taken even that from me. All the simple projects I could work on to get going again, just feel overwhelming. It makes me very bitter and angry that even sewing has slipped away from me, into the realm of things I “used” to do, before motherhood / wifedom took everything from me. I just don’t have time. I’m so slow with chores, because I am so tired. The toilets, the dishes, the laundry, the meals, have to get done, and it’s taking everything I have.

Will I recover? I don’t know. I don’t know.

I’m just going to have to force myself to start my day with sewing, before chores. No more than an hour. A step forward is a step forward, no matter how small. Thanks Dr Suess…

And also sewing patterns. I think I’m sick of me same old same old sewing patterns. Time to invest in ones that reflect my current outlook?

Actually? Now, What the Hell? Help! Kwik Sew 3275 size 8

Would you look at what happened after a few washes? What the hell?

Feedback, please!!!

More fabrics from the basement, and a pattern from my binder. Nothing new bought for this. Actually, really exciting news. While cleaning in my fabric hell I was able to combine 2 blue bags into 1! It was during that process I came across these pants, already cut out, with the pattern pieces still attached. If my memory serves me right I was attempting to alter the size 8 pattern to fit my 12 year old and discovered they were, again, too short. In frustration I threw them into the pit of dispair. Well, discovering them now is Gods perfect timing, as the 10 yr old just asked for more cozy pants.

Boys pants must have pockets. I chose a contrasting remnant to make the pockets. Too weird? I think the top stitching helps make them look store bought. I love top stitching. I really enjoy doing it, and I really like the look. Chalk line will disappear once I wash them….

I added a heavy ribbing waist for the elastic casing, but in reality, when he finally tried them on, they are a few inches too long, so I could have just turned under a waist band.

To compensate, I made a wide ankle cuff, and put elastic in, to keep the pants from dragging on the floor until he grows a wee bit taller.

Overall, I am very, very pleased with the completed pants.

And, it’s gone from my basement forever! That’s the best part!