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T for me, It’s So Easy Simplicity 4418

I am literally totally in love with the way this T-shirt turned out. It is a long cry from perfect, mostly because of the plaid print that is nowhere near the grainline.

I laid out a couple of my favourite shirts. I measured the arms; both in length and in width. (Fat upper arms). I measured the length of the back of the shirt, and I measured across the bust under the arms. I took these garment measurements and I use them to help me choose the size pattern pieces. This is a very different message from using the measurements on the back of the pattern envelope or measuring my own body. Neither of those methods have proved successful for me in the past. It looks like I finally got a winner. If I own something already, and I love the way it fits, I will use that garment’s measurements for sewing like items.

On this particular project, I tried very hard to match the plaid on both side seams. I was not successful. I’m going to blame the print itself. It’s off grain, and I don’t even think it’s even from one section to the next of the fabric.

Let’s go with that. Regardless, I love this shirt, I love how dressy it looks on.

The pattern calls for a facing around the neckline. This particular T knit rolls very badly on the cut edge. Given that, I just didn’t want to deal with the facing underneath my shirt rolling up. I just turned under the seam allowance, and stitched it down flat, then trimmed the excess, close to my stitching line, to keep it from rolling.

The only thing about this is that there’s basically nothing holding the front together, at the centre top edge of the V. I tried to add extra stitching to reinforce this edge. Only time will tell if that was a good idea or not. I will definitely be making this pattern again in other knit fabrics. I still don’t like the idea of a facing on a T-shirt. I will let it percolate in the back of my mind, as I am moving on to sewing for my kids again now.

I cannot wait to wear the shirt to work!!!

Taking selfies is extraordinarily difficult. I just felt that the shirt looks so much better on me than it does on the couch. Please ignore my purple pyjama pants. It’s still -21°C here.


Scrapbooking – getting sorted

Digging in a floppy tippy bag, where all your printed paper is smashed together, seemed to make sense when I was hopping from one Scrappy Saturday to the next one. It made sense to have my paper portable in a heavy duty bag with good straps and zipper closures.

Now when I go, if I go, ever, I take almost nothing with me, usually only one project, with all the papers already selected.

Today I sat on my butt and built this cube with two dividers. It’s made with these metal grids and zip ties, and it is rock solid. And it weighs a tonne.

Lots of room to actual view my papers. Sturdy sides and dividers to keep my paper edges square.

This project has been bugging me for a long time. As I am still feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck, today was the perfect day to sit in one spot and fasten many zip ties.

I feel happy, however temporary. I got it done! I’m so glad to get this bag off the floor and out of this room! This metal cube is going up on a counter, right next to other scrap booking supplies.

I want to celebrate this personal victory!

Form and function! A thing of beauty!

Pillowcase gifts

This fabric is gorgeous. It’s a nice heavy quilting cotton with gold gilt accents. The name of the designer and manufacturer on the selvage was not readable on the piece I bought. It was only 8.99 a metre. My husband loves and collects books. I love and collect fabric. Pillowcases for his birthday seemed apropo.

In the end they seem a bit short. I did a super wide 6″ cuff, because I like that. The narrow hem on pillowcases seems less dressy. Next set, I will measure the length before indulging in a very wide hem. I had actually originally intended to add a deep green velvet as a trim, but ran out of time, and simply turned under a wide hem. They are alright, just the pillow might sneak out over time. I don’t know how he does it, but my husband has a habit of losing the pillowcase in the middle of the night.

I still feel as though my nerves are somewhat shattered from the labour intensive and incredibly detailed dress I just finished. I feel wiped out by it. So in that way, simple straightforward pillowcases seemed like a gentle task to bring back my love of sewing. I’m debating on what to sew next, a T shirt for myself, or another 2 pillowcases for him for Valentines Day. But I’m so tired. Probably neither.