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Nothing better to do when you can’t sleep than stare at fabric in your basement I suppose.

After a time of staring at my horde of fabric…

That wasn’t a mis-spell. Horde, as in a large army of…..things. Not hoard, as in, hoarding.

Anyways, after a great long time of  staring at my fabric, and having many deep thoughts about all manner of things, I have decided to re-arrange it. The fabric. Not the deep thoughts.

I “thought” it was good to store knits in one section, and wovens in another, but I have a better idea now.

Solids on one shelf, and prints on another. And by shelf I mean a space that is 3′ x 3′ x 6′. Jam packed!!!

I read in a sewing book that we should all buy more solids and less prints, and I couldn’t agree more. I would like to give credit where credit is due, but I can’t remember anything anymore so sorry to the lady that originally wrote the book.

I love mixing solids and prints in my sewing projects. Maybe the reason I am feeling less inspired these days, is the overwhelming number of prints I have to choose from, and the few selections of solids buried deep in the horde. Time to celebrate solids and give them the esteemed place they deserve!


Burda 9641 #2


Don’t I have great socks? Just when I was down to about 5 pairs of socks a friend emptied her sock stash and gifted me many pairs. This is the way the Lord provides.

Back to sewing. I do not sew my own socks. Yet. Back to sewing PANTS.

These are again pants for the 12 year old. I narrowed the leg substantially, tapering it down to the ankle, along the inseam. Pants are narrower in fashion right now, and I didn’t want pants for school to look like baggy sweats on him.

I made this version in black French terry. I have mixed feelings about the result. It drapes. It’s not what I expected for kids casual pants…

I can’t believe how long his legs are, and growing more every time I measure him for pants. I actually didn’t have enough fabric AGAIN.

As a result I made the waistband out of ribbing. I made the pockets out of T-knit. I ADDED a ribbing cuff, because these were a tiny bit too short AGAIN!!! And he still is a skinny kid. None of the store bought pants that are long enough in the leg stay up around the waist.

Next up, this same pattern, in a softshell. He has requested waterproof wind proof cozy pants that don’t look like snow pants.