Kwik Sew 3275

I have so much to say about this project. All of it pleasant.

This is actually a little boys shirt. When it comes to little children and basic shirt patterns, everything is pretty much the same. I checked the finished garment measurements against what my son actually wears now. I wanted to focus more on the storm clouds and lightening, but the shirt seems full of rainbows. I put the big storm cloud in the centre of the bottom, lesson learned. Next time I will place the focal point in the middle vertically as well as horizontally.

My serger died again. I’m actually pretty mad about it. I decided to proceed with this project anyways. When working with knits, you know they won’t fray. You don’t actually have to finish off the seams at all. All the same, I didn’t want it to look “lazy”… I top stitched every seam that I felt should be done. This created a much flattter look to the seam allowances, and also kept them tucked inside the finished garment. I think top stitching is such a nice look. It is personal preference, but I am very drawn to it.

This project went together so fast. I cut it out on March 1, and finished hemming it today, March 4th. This makes me veeeeery excited, as I have plans to sew a lot of shirts this month for this kid!

Just for fun I have included a photo of today’s weather. Here in Canada we measure temperature in Celsius, so the weather outside while sunny, felt like -9.4 Fahrenheit. (-23 Celsius)

Here is what I posted on the Sew Canadian Facebook page about this project:

Meanwhile in Canada 🇨🇦, a good day to stay inside and sew! I used a scrap of swimsuit fabric to sew a shirt with a cool front. Then I put my parka and boots on, and braved the North Wind to get some good pics. The white flecks everywhere? Ya’ll know those are snowflakes ❄️ whipping past me…

Just one more great thing to say about this project. I’ve never worked with swimsuit fabric before. This project was a trial run so I could decide if I was capable of sewing myself swimming shorts or not. I’m excited to say I will be going ahead with that! I was careful and I worked slowly, with the cutting out and the pinning. The girls at work helped me pick out the right needles, a stretch needle, not a ballpoint needle. I believe it really made a difference.

My kid loves his new shirt and so do I. Finishing something, and finishing it well, gives me such a boost.


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