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Wedding Quilt

I have been surfing hundreds of blogs images and websites and library books for quilt designs. By no means did I copy this directly, but who knows maybe this is someone else’s design. This is what came out of my head today based on the fact that I already have a lot of precut 4 x 4 quilt squares…wedding is June 24. I’ll keep you posted…


Kwik Sew 3234

Size 10.

View A.

Great pattern. I will use it again, but not this fleece…..

Bargain price on this green fleece, and it shows. It acts like microfibre against my dry skin. Yuck. And it stretches and shifts and lumps up in weird ways and in weird ways. I won’t sew with it again…I have about 1.5 m left. If I can find a coordinating printed knit in my stash I will make a tie blanket out of it when my hands are not so dry from the winter cold. The day I finished this shirt it was -22′ C outside with the wind chill and I just could not bring my self to freeze my face and fingers to take photos outside!