I’m pretty excited about my sewing projects for March. Three sweatshirts for my 9 year old. All the fabric is from my stash. I believe I have everything I need, even the ribbing. Simple projects, shouldn’t be hard to do. One has rainbows, and gray skies and lightning strikes, one has green plants all over it, and one has red and green diamonds. I actually have five shirts picked out for him but the likelihood of getting all 5 done in the month is pretty Cray Cray. I’m hoping to get at least one finished for his birthday on March 16th.

Also, my five-year-old has been invited to a birthday party in March. An excellent gift for that child would be a pair of PJ pants, a matching pillowcase,and a coordinating T-shirt. Certainly could save our family a few bucks on the bottom line, and clear out my stash of a few of those girly fabrics that have Lycra and spandex in them…

The race is on. Now I’m going to get off my blog and finish these February projects so I can share them with you.


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