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Preview of See & Sew B6307

Once again taking a very simple project and making it ridiculously complicated by adding insane little details. This is a remnant I got for free from a coworker. I knew at once it would be pants for my baby girl. Then I had the brilliant idea of adding tiny pockets for her tiny fingers by cutting out matching squares from scraps of fabric and laying them directly on the existing square. And wouldn’t sweet little bits of lace just punch it up just a bit?!?!? I’ve got one done and my shoulders are killing me.



I’m pretty excited about my sewing projects for March. Three sweatshirts for my 9 year old. All the fabric is from my stash. I believe I have everything I need, even the ribbing. Simple projects, shouldn’t be hard to do. One has rainbows, and gray skies and lightning strikes, one has green plants all over it, and one has red and green diamonds. I actually have five shirts picked out for him but the likelihood of getting all 5 done in the month is pretty Cray Cray. I’m hoping to get at least one finished for his birthday on March 16th.

Also, my five-year-old has been invited to a birthday party in March. An excellent gift for that child would be a pair of PJ pants, a matching pillowcase,and a coordinating T-shirt. Certainly could save our family a few bucks on the bottom line, and clear out my stash of a few of those girly fabrics that have Lycra and spandex in them…

The race is on. Now I’m going to get off my blog and finish these February projects so I can share them with you.

Pants Too Tight

Apparently I don’t even know how big around my kids are. I don’t know if it’s because they change and grow and get skinny and then bulk up again before the next growth spurt…

The one thing I have a real issue with is sizing elastic waist bands!  It seems so simple, the elastic stretches for Goodness sakes! Even with this concept sometimes I don’t get it right. Sometimes the pants fall right off of them, or, even with the elastic all the way around, the kids complain they are just too tight. I did try to mimic the store bought adjustable waistbands in a few pairs of pants…3 to be exact. C seems happy with hers, M refuses to wear his ever, and I have not yet heard from J if he has any thoughts on the fit or fussiness of it.

Adding the two buttonholes and sewing the elastic down and handstitching in buttons is fine if you’re making a pair of pants from scratch. On this pair, I had already completed them and the elastic was too small and too tight, and she complained about them every time I put them on her. So I cut a hole in the Tknit, because I know it won’t fray. And then I did a cheat. I don’t like the way it looks from the outside of the front of the pants because of how much the button seems to pull to one side or the other. My girl could care less about this little fact, though. Now that they have been hacked, she is quite comfortable in them, in fact, she wore them for 24 hours straight and refused to take them off, the last time she wore them with the new bigger waistband.

So if the photos don’t make it clear, the button is on the inside of the waistband, the cut facing her belly button. The button goes through a buttonhole on both ends of the elastic. So instead of having to adjust to adjust at each hip,which is a good idea in pants with a fly or a front opening, just one adjustment at the center front  of these pull on pants.

I’m about to start another pair of pants for her…. in flannel, not knit, and I really want to finish them fast, as the end of the month is approaching quickly. I do want to include buttonhole elastic, i’m just not exactly sure how I’m going to make it work this time.

Finished is finished no matter how simple

This morning after the Biggs went to school I finished two pillowcases. Finished and finished perfectly gives me great satisfaction. I’m struggling with some personal issues and some mental health issues compounded by sick kids and horribly cold weather. As a result I will be making changes to my sewing life. I will be returning to my original pants pants and more pants destination. But these pillowcases were also a very simple project. I can’t take full credit for them anyway. A lady at work started them then decided she didn’t want them and gave them to me half finished. All I have to do was Serge the seams and add a nice wide folded over band or hem or whatever.  Still the satisfaction of taking a piece of fabric and turning it into a useful functioning item is grand!!!

Chesnut Tee and Dress Pattern

Finally hemmed this sweet little number. Bought these fabrics from someone else’s de stash. This was the one and only time I ever attempted to be a tester for a pattern. This wonderful little number is called the Chesnut Tee and Dress pattern from Gracious Threads. It’s a gorgeous pattern really, and sews up like a dream. It’s designed for super stretchy fabrics. I may sew it again soon in a more turtleneck type neck. My daughter is in a mood today so she wasn’t willing to model this size 2.

A poem

Sewing for my baby who’s 2

Is very hard to do!

These pieces are so tiny

They make me so whiney!!!

It will get easier after she grows…

For now I will only  sew for her Bro’s…

All of the prettiest dresses…

I will sew when she eats with less messes.

Little princess I love you it’s true,

But sewing for you, is making me blue!

100% cotton, I can shop till I drop,

between cleaning messes with my mop.

My stash of fabrics for you will extend,

Until every day,  at school you will spend.

Then to my machine I will dash mighty quick,

All the things I will sew,

You will be the best dressed CHIC!


Currently I’m working my way through my RED quilt for my #2 son. Then I’ve got to finish an orange and green wildflowers and hunting quilt for my granola cousins wedding this summer.

Another quilt has been banging around in the back of my head for years. I think I’m ready to make it.

Ice blue like his eyes, and black, like the highway blacktop.  Sage green. Summer sky blue. Grey like the Rockies in the Distance. Grape Crush purple. And Silver. Ya. I’m ready. I will be watching for quilt patterns now…..