Sew Slowly

Do you ever feel like you are making zero progress on your sewing projects? Do you ever feel like everything else in your life, Christmas, husband, sick kids, work, housework, cooking, eating, even friends!!! are standing between you and getting anything done? Do you ever feel like screaming at the top of your lungs, LEAVE ME ALONE SO I CAN SEW!!!

Seeing as I can’t actually get any sewing done, maybe I will feel better if I tell you all my plans!

January is supposed to be selfish sewing month for me, as my birthday is in January.

I started with a wrap jacket that is only 3 pattern pieces. Simple, right? But with the kids home on Christmas vacation, and I sick 2 yr old, process is slow to none….

Next, I’m hoping to whip up a sports bra, or a sleeper bra. Nothing fancy, front and back, pull over your head. At this point it feels a million miles away….

Next, we desperately need new sheets for the master bedroom. When I informed my husband I would be using grocery money to get new ones, he joked Why don’t you sew some instead? I certainly have enough huge pieces I could attempt this, and I have always wanted to make a fitted sheet.

So, 4 easy peasy projects for the 4 weeks of January. Januarys score, 2, completed projects, Zero.

I will keep you posted with pics if the score changes.


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