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Opinions please!

As you may or may not know, I organize my sewing projects by month, and each of my children and myself get one or two months a year where I sew exclusively for that person.

Staring aimlessly at my horde of fabric again… I had a brainwave.

It occurred to me that I should store my fabric in bins according to the person I bought it for. My children and I all have very distinct personalities, and what fabric works for one person, certainly doesn’t seem to suit another. I would also like to have a bin for quilting, and a bin for fabrics that I have no idea what I’m going to do with.

Then, each time that the first of the month came around, and I was now sewing for a different child, I could just grab their bin.

Now that I’ve written it out, I like the idea a lot.  I still would like to have other peoples opinions, though!


Tuesdays are for Mending


Hey, not much to say about mending. But this week in particular was something special. This is my one of my absolutely favorite shirts. It came out of the dryer with holes in the shoulder, likely because of the Lego it came out of the dryer with. Boys….So I went into Marshall Fabrics,  and looked at the patches that can be purchased. I selected this adorable sparkly glittery sewing themed set. The Saturday girl said it was dorky. But I don’t care. They are all 18 or 19. I’m 40 something. I’m allowed to wear dorky glittery sparkly black things on my shirt. For the record, I LOVE the way it turned out and I think it’s very classy. If I pair it with long dangling sparkly black earrings? Yes? No? What do you think of my mending job?

Wish I could sew more!

  • I promise I will not post any more pics of this quilt until it is finished. It is going so slow. I’m so excited to get it finished, but I don’t want to do a sloppy job, and I have so little time to sew! I try to spend an hour a day sewing….Mondays are quilting, Tuesdays are mending (gak)!!!! and the rest of the days are sewing clothes projects.

  • There just is no more time than an hour a day, with 4 kids, cooking meals, and chores.
  • How do you squeeze more time for sewing in? Do you spend hours working at it, till it’s all finished? Or do you sew  a little each day?



Isn’t it amazing to watch a quilt come together? I guess some people start with a plan but I never have. I start with the fabrics I want to use, but I always end up adding more fabrics as I go along. This one is coming  together very uniquely but then I guess they probably all do. I think I’m going to mirror what I’ve done to finish it off. I will see how big it is after that. I’m aiming for twin, or a little smaller than a twin. I’m really excited to get it done now to see how it looks in the end. When are you most excited in your quilting projects? At the beginning? At the end?

Sew Slowly

Do you ever feel like you are making zero progress on your sewing projects? Do you ever feel like everything else in your life, Christmas, husband, sick kids, work, housework, cooking, eating, even friends!!! are standing between you and getting anything done? Do you ever feel like screaming at the top of your lungs, LEAVE ME ALONE SO I CAN SEW!!!

Seeing as I can’t actually get any sewing done, maybe I will feel better if I tell you all my plans!

January is supposed to be selfish sewing month for me, as my birthday is in January.

I started with a wrap jacket that is only 3 pattern pieces. Simple, right? But with the kids home on Christmas vacation, and I sick 2 yr old, process is slow to none….

Next, I’m hoping to whip up a sports bra, or a sleeper bra. Nothing fancy, front and back, pull over your head. At this point it feels a million miles away….

Next, we desperately need new sheets for the master bedroom. When I informed my husband I would be using grocery money to get new ones, he joked Why don’t you sew some instead? I certainly have enough huge pieces I could attempt this, and I have always wanted to make a fitted sheet.

So, 4 easy peasy projects for the 4 weeks of January. Januarys score, 2, completed projects, Zero.

I will keep you posted with pics if the score changes.