The devil is in the details

I’m so happy with this finished project. It was a simple, free, pattern to download from, from NapTimeCreations. I went berserkers making it way more complicated. I am having trouble inserting links….

Raglan Shirt pattern 18mth – 10T

Nap-Time Creations


I used my Cricut to cut out the shape with wax paper. I used In My Garden cartridge. image

I am just trying to decide now if the bias tape on the bottom of the shirt looks cool or dorky.


I ironed the wax paper onto the orange fabric. Then I fussy cut the orange fabric out, with the wax paper still glued to it. I placed scraps of wider bias tape behind the centers of the flowers, and attached the whole design to the front of the shirt using Heat and Bond. I accidentally bought the featherlite Heat and Bond, so the flowers are not really staying on. I am much better at straight stitches, rather than sewing on a curve. (WHO ISN’T???) I think the straight stitches to hold the flowers on adds a unique design element.


Cuffs on the sleeves are not part of the original pattern either. I guessed. I am very happy with the result. I top stitched the cuffs with a stretch stitch to get a more store bought look, and also to force the seam allowance to lay flat inside the sleeve.


The pattern calls for stretch knit, and I chose a contrasting woven front, flannel. If I did this again, I would cut the woven piece on the bias, to give lots of stretch.


Adding the piping between the front and sleeve, I used my zipper foot, and moved my needle position to get as close to the edge of the roll of the piping as possible. I only did one layer of fabric at a time. It meant sewing the seam twice with a stretch stitch, (time consuming!) but well worth the EXTRA STEP for a perfect finish.


I top stitched the neck band as well, again, to force it to lay flat, and not roll out, and for more of a factory look. I have learned the hard way to always use a stretch stitch when top stitching, even when top stitching non stretch projects. The top stitching just seems to snap or burst at the slightest stress.


I am so pleased with the finished project. It will be interesting to see what happens after I wash it….will the petals curl up? Will that look neat, or lame?



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