I need to sew every day. I am very very depressed right now. I am going to stop following so many blogs and sewing sites. I feel pressure, and anxiety. I sure can work myself up into a knot in a hurry. Today my jammie challenge project is exactly one month late. Can everyone just go away and leave me alone so I can sew? No I didn’t mean that. I love people.

The in laws arrive Dec 7th, and while they are here, I can not sew. This makes me glum. I haven’t sewn in 2 weeks except to make one strip of quilt. I need that pile of half finished projects on the dining room hutch done before my mother in law arrives.

I need to focus. I am panicking. I am frozen in panic. I must get a hold of myself. Someone slap me. Not my husband. That would not belay my anxiety in any way.


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