The soup can method strikes again! With stable, firm, thicker fabric, why pin? So much time can be saved by plopping soup cans down on simple and large pattern pieces.


All the time you saved can be used to search for 2 misplaced pattern pieces. I spent over an hour this morning searching for these 2 pieces. After I cut out all the other pattern pieces I needed, and discovered these 2 very essential beauties were M.I.A….

Tips and Tricks to keep everything together in one package between sewing times for unfinished projects? I could really use some pointers!!!


Yes. My unfinished projects are a mess. Surely there must be a better way than piles and stacks, where I can still have it all at my fingertips?


Cutting notches and placing markings are such a pain!!!! With 4 kids in my face I have come up with a time-saving and SUPER easy (BETTER) way than anything that was ever taught to me. Children’s washable markers!!! Mark your all your notes and transfers with ease. I placed small notches on these particular pieces, but with washable markers, you can make the marks as BIG as you feel, as the marks will simply wash away the very first time you wash your finished item….

That’s all the time we have for today, folks! Back to mothering and scrubbing toilets and cooking etc. Took me an entire week, but at least I got the challenging jammies ALL CUT OUT!!! Now, where is that stink coming from….



One thought on “CUT IT OUT

  1. I keep each project in a cheap plastic bin from the dollar store, As I finish each sewing/cutting/planning session, I toss everything in the bin. Thread, fabric, pattern, interfacing etc. Works like a hot damn.

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