Free download kids raglan sleeve shirt from NAPTIME CREATIONS

Sewing piping is very very hard. Sewing piping makes my back sweat. I find it nerve-racking. But when I do it right, The results are fantastic. This is only my second project, since becoming a mother,  using piping. It is a skill set I would like to perfect, or at least get better and much more confident in.  When attaching piping, use a zipper foot. Place  the piping under the zipper foot so that the rolled part is actually beside the zipper foot. If your machine allows you to move your needle position, you will be able to get even closer to the edge of the roll.  Use a basting stitch; long straight stitches, in case you need to rip the seam out.  Although it seems time consuming, attach the piping to only one side of the fabric to begin with. When attaching the other side of your pattern, place the sewn side up, so you can follow the seam you just made on a single layer of fabric. By doing this, I found that I was able to produce precise seams very close to the edge of the roll.  I hope these tips are not too convoluted… I hope to finish this little project early next week. It was meant to be a Halloween themed project, but it for sure will not be done in time. I will be adding an image to the center front of the shirt and to the bottom back of the shirt. What should it be to help it look more girly? Flowers? Butterflies? Bunnies?




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