At 41 years of age, I should know better

As a mother of four, I should know better. As much as sewing is my absolute favorite thing to do, it is not a priority. Nothing else in my life can be set aside to complete projects. So why do I continue to do this to myself and sew projects that have deadlines?

The birthday present that was supposed to be done for today is not even started. The Halloween shirts for my baby girl are not completed and today is the 24th and Halloween is a week away. The one project I promised I would sew for my 9 yr old for all of October is not even started. I would like to sew 24 7 from now till the 31st, but the reality is I can sew Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon.  You would think I would learn but I probably never will. How do you manage to get your sewing projects done that have deadlines?


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