New Look 6446 Take 2

Seriously might be the cutest pants I’ve ever made. I had just enough fabric, and just a little more than I needed of the bias tape ruffle. I put one piece on inside out. I don’t even care, do you know that??? No one is going to notice. And if they do I will pick them right in the face. Just kidding.

After my last mishap with pants fitting or the lack there of fitting I stopped going by the pattern for certain measurements. For example a girls size to waist according to the pattern is 20 3/4 inches. I measured pants that actually fit her, and the waistband measures 18 inches. That’s a BIG difference on a 2 year old!!!


2 thoughts on “New Look 6446 Take 2

  1. Hey there gorgeous, These look kinda like the ladybug pants. I saw some pics of them on your phone last night and I meant to say something. I think they are adorable. I don’t say it much or at all but I think it’s way cool that you make clothes for the family. I mean in an apocalypse or if we became the “Wilderness McCready’s” the clothing part would be taken care of.
    Happy Thanksgiving Daaaaaallling!

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