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I love sewing….

image.jpgI have been hearing myself say, sometimes it’s nice to just sew something simple.  As fun as it is to challenge myself with sewing projects, reflecting on my posts, I have decided to focus a little more on quilting.  I have decided to designate my sewing time on Mondays for quilting. I have discovered that I really enjoy quilting- as -you -go -kind of projects. last night at supper, my husband said to me, what’s wrong?. I said, oh I’m sorry. I’m starting a new quote tomorrow.  I was just daydreaming about it! So here it is! Going with red! And because it’s probably for one of my boys, Blue and white to complement the red.



Why do you do this?!

So I’m pretty sure we paid a lot of good hard money just at the beginning of September in a fancy high end store for these pants for the 11 year old.

Lucky for the little asshole my current sewing project actually needs grey fabric. If he wants a real back pocket so bad, lucky for him I will make him one! 🎃


Free download kids raglan sleeve shirt from NAPTIME CREATIONS

Sewing piping is very very hard. Sewing piping makes my back sweat. I find it nerve-racking. But when I do it right, The results are fantastic. This is only my second project, since becoming a mother,  using piping. It is a skill set I would like to perfect, or at least get better and much more confident in.  When attaching piping, use a zipper foot. Place  the piping under the zipper foot so that the rolled part is actually beside the zipper foot. If your machine allows you to move your needle position, you will be able to get even closer to the edge of the roll.  Use a basting stitch; long straight stitches, in case you need to rip the seam out.  Although it seems time consuming, attach the piping to only one side of the fabric to begin with. When attaching the other side of your pattern, place the sewn side up, so you can follow the seam you just made on a single layer of fabric. By doing this, I found that I was able to produce precise seams very close to the edge of the roll.  I hope these tips are not too convoluted… I hope to finish this little project early next week. It was meant to be a Halloween themed project, but it for sure will not be done in time. I will be adding an image to the center front of the shirt and to the bottom back of the shirt. What should it be to help it look more girly? Flowers? Butterflies? Bunnies?



At 41 years of age, I should know better

As a mother of four, I should know better. As much as sewing is my absolute favorite thing to do, it is not a priority. Nothing else in my life can be set aside to complete projects. So why do I continue to do this to myself and sew projects that have deadlines?

The birthday present that was supposed to be done for today is not even started. The Halloween shirts for my baby girl are not completed and today is the 24th and Halloween is a week away. The one project I promised I would sew for my 9 yr old for all of October is not even started. I would like to sew 24 7 from now till the 31st, but the reality is I can sew Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon.  You would think I would learn but I probably never will. How do you manage to get your sewing projects done that have deadlines?

Scary, and I don’t mean Haloween.

My fabric is scaring me again. Or rather, giving me anxiety, again. There is fabric all over the house again. It’s supposed to stay down in my fabric shelves. But somehow it creeps up, piece by piece. It makes me want to run away from my life and do nothing but sew and sleep.  All the fabric I now own I actually really love. I was able to purge some pieces that were given to me that I did not care for or have any plans for.  It’s taking me a lot longer to sew through the fabric I have.

I need to get more serious about not buying anymore, and I need to buy more shelving units/bookcases.

Time to buy more lottery tickets…

Thanks for listening.  After reading over my post, I’ve decided to up the ante. For every two pieces of fabric that I use up completely, (or give away!) I can buy one new piece of fabric. That’s more than fair.

New Look 6446 Take 2

Seriously might be the cutest pants I’ve ever made. I had just enough fabric, and just a little more than I needed of the bias tape ruffle. I put one piece on inside out. I don’t even care, do you know that??? No one is going to notice. And if they do I will pick them right in the face. Just kidding.

After my last mishap with pants fitting or the lack there of fitting I stopped going by the pattern for certain measurements. For example a girls size to waist according to the pattern is 20 3/4 inches. I measured pants that actually fit her, and the waistband measures 18 inches. That’s a BIG difference on a 2 year old!!!