See&Sew 5668

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Eeek! A fake zipper front! I’m  very excited. I have been searching for one for a long time to sew for my boys. A dear friend of mine gave me this “children’s”  pattern the other day, and I was pleased to discover there was a fake fly front! Bad marketing on the part of the pattern company, I think…only girls on the front pic, and it doesn’t even show the fly!

I am very excited to sew this pattern up in the fun minky print. But guess what. I’m scared! In my teenage years I sewed some Vouge pattern pants for myself with a real zip in them. It was….challenging. Now I sew with many distractions, and that kind of difficult could be disastrous….

So I am going to make the same pattern twice. First, in a gorgeous navy blue suiting I bought for boys church pants, then, when I’m feeling confident, in the shifty tricky minky. Stay tuned!!!


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