Kwik Sew 4147


Nothing like a can of baked beans to show the scale of the print. This is a project I am sewing for myself. The fabric is a four-way knit. I recently discovered,  or realized I guess I should say,  that my body type has changed from an hourglass to a pear shape. I just can’t wear short skirts with all these kids to chase and dress and lift.  I’m going to make this dress with a contrasting cowl neck, a solid navy blue to match the background in the print. This is actually just my muslin for the real fabric I have picked out for this pattern. It’s fabric I brought back from one of our trips to the East Coast and I’ve been waiting for the perfect pattern. I’m done waiting. I just want to sew it up and wear it.

Cutting this pattern  out proved to be a wee bit of a challenge, as there was a flaw running down the center of the piece of fabric I had. It’s where 2 pieces were joined together by the manufacture. Even with the flaw, I had exactly enough fabric to make this project. I always feel like that’s the fabric gods telling me I’m on the right track…

I don’t know, do you think this pattern with a contrast cowl neck is suitable for a pear shape?


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