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Completion of Kwik Sew4171

Isn’t it gorgeous!? Isn’t it lovely!? I am IN LOVE with my new dress…

Just a couple of things. It’s too big. I’m unsure how this happened. I made an xl. The last time I made a Kwik Sew for myself with a knit I made a large and it was too small.

Secondly. Why does the front hem roll like that on the tulip skirt after wash and dry? I will press it this one time with starch, but if it does it every time, I’m throwing it in the donation bag.

Next, the fleece contrast cowl has an unfinished edge. I am on the fence about this. Do I love it? Will anyone even notice?

Lastly, it looks like a potato sack on me. A pretty potato sack, but a sack nonetheless. It’s ok. It was only my muslin version. It was all free to me fabric. I will still wear it. Often.

I have done more research on my cello type body since I began this project. I will make it again, but hack it. Shorten the skirt a little, and add in a wide snug waistband instead of a skimpy elastic.

All in all, this dress went together like a dream project. I can’t wait to make it again!


Pushing to get er done

I’m so happy with this! I had no idea how easy it was to make a finished binding with knits. I haven’t done anything like it since making sweatshirts with ribbing cuffs in high school. Sewing techniques and fabric availability and quality have changed a lot since then. Knits sew beautifully, they wash beautifully, and they wear and drape beautifully. I might never sew with wovens again!

I think this dress is going to be beautiful. I think the arm holes seem huge…. I’m really pushing to finish this dress so I can wear it to work on Saturday. Still to come, sewing and attaching the skirt pieces, then the elastic waistband!


I’m very pleased with my progress. I’m loving it so far. I felt the cowl  neck would be too thick and would simply stand straight up and down if I folded it over double as the directions called for, so I did it only single layer as it is fleece. I might live to regret the whole thing altogether. If it looks too shabby and unfinished, perhaps I will add some shiny navy fringe to it.

Fashion sense aside, I am personally absolutely loving it. It feels dreamy on. I can see myself sewing a coordinating yellow blazer in fleece to take this dress into the cooler months….

Kwik Sew 4147


Nothing like a can of baked beans to show the scale of the print. This is a project I am sewing for myself. The fabric is a four-way knit. I recently discovered,  or realized I guess I should say,  that my body type has changed from an hourglass to a pear shape. I just can’t wear short skirts with all these kids to chase and dress and lift.  I’m going to make this dress with a contrasting cowl neck, a solid navy blue to match the background in the print. This is actually just my muslin for the real fabric I have picked out for this pattern. It’s fabric I brought back from one of our trips to the East Coast and I’ve been waiting for the perfect pattern. I’m done waiting. I just want to sew it up and wear it.

Cutting this pattern  out proved to be a wee bit of a challenge, as there was a flaw running down the center of the piece of fabric I had. It’s where 2 pieces were joined together by the manufacture. Even with the flaw, I had exactly enough fabric to make this project. I always feel like that’s the fabric gods telling me I’m on the right track…

I don’t know, do you think this pattern with a contrast cowl neck is suitable for a pear shape?