Kwik Sew 2858 for B


You can see a picture of the pattern I used in my previous post, where I used this pattern to make this guy Batman jammie pants. This project, however,  was inspired by “this blog post“.

I wanted to make B some lightweight cotton dress pants from another decade. I went down to my stash and I found pinstripe cotton. One side was soft, like flannel, and one side was crisp. So I made the soft side the inside….

I made a contrasting waistband, pocket insets, and added a band of contrast on the back pockets, all in solid linen.  As you can see from the photos, 5 year olds don’t really understand instructions to show off sewing details….

The waist band was TOO WIDE for my liking, and rather than redo it, seeing as June is over, I did a paperbag waistband. I wanted these pants to have a “GREAT GATSBY” feel. Paper bag waist band says coal worker….

I think however that I failed miserably. My vision and the reality are not…the same.

I am going to make him wear them to church once, and see what all the other church goers say….but most likely they will just be another pair of jammie pants. =(


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