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This was a super challenging project. I found this beautiful embroidered sheer in the drapery department at work. The stuff with the scallop trim started life out as a cafe curtain fabric. But in my mind’s eye I saw a beautiful little girls dress. So I bought the shorter cafe curtain for the sleeves, and the longer cafe curtain fabric for the skirt.

The first mistake i made was the sleeves. I forgot about the flower up near the shoulder. On my first cuts, one flower was on the back of the sleeve, the other side on the front. So back to work to buy more fabric. I then laid out one of the original sleeves to get an exact reverse match for the shoulder flower. This meant that the scallop at the bottom no longer matched at the cut edges. Another sewing challenge then, to stretch only one side of the underarm seam so I could line up the scalloped edge.



Set in sleeves. Another challenge. I am familiar with set in sleeves, on a MUCH LARGER scale, and with a single layer of fabric. I could not leave the sleeves unlined, because my girl has severe allergies to man made fibres and man made fibres cause severe eczema.

I’m going to to have to finish this blog entry later. I have 4 screaming children to deal with.



Pretty Scary, Actually.

Trying to sew out all my fabric. In my MIND I think I am. Today I actually calculated that I am in very serious trouble, actually.

I allow myself to purchase one new fabric a payday.

So that is 2 new pieces into my stash every month. That means that in order to reduce my stash, I need to completely USE UP 3 fabrics a month.

Just think about that for a while. Feel the panic.

Any ideas????

July is baby C

July is for sewing for my 2 year old girl. 6 people in my family, we each get 2 months each for me to focus on that person. Cause in big families FAIR is really important.

Its going to be a tough month. I have too many things I want to sew for her. And we have 3 camping trips planned this month. I want to sew a nightgown for her, a formal dress, and some pants. I was really hoping to squeeze in some summer dresses for me….I will keep you posted….

Kwik Sew 2858 for B


You can see a picture of the pattern I used in my previous post, where I used this pattern to make this guy Batman jammie pants. This project, however,  was inspired by “this blog post“.

I wanted to make B some lightweight cotton dress pants from another decade. I went down to my stash and I found pinstripe cotton. One side was soft, like flannel, and one side was crisp. So I made the soft side the inside….

I made a contrasting waistband, pocket insets, and added a band of contrast on the back pockets, all in solid linen.  As you can see from the photos, 5 year olds don’t really understand instructions to show off sewing details….

The waist band was TOO WIDE for my liking, and rather than redo it, seeing as June is over, I did a paperbag waistband. I wanted these pants to have a “GREAT GATSBY” feel. Paper bag waist band says coal worker….

I think however that I failed miserably. My vision and the reality are not…the same.

I am going to make him wear them to church once, and see what all the other church goers say….but most likely they will just be another pair of jammie pants. =(