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More fabric

One of the ladies at work was doing some stash busting of her own, and brought over to my house 3 big boxes for me to have.  Fabric, sewing patterns, and some buttons. Sometimes, people donate fabric to me, and after looking through it, I think to myself, good heavens what  what on earth will I ever sew with this?  Those fabrics I keep for a few months and then I usually find a new home for them, if I am not struck with inspiration.

The fabrics I got yesterday are beautiful. As I pull them out of the box I knew exactly what I was going to make with so many of them. I’ve already started to preshrink them.

If you have fabrics in your collection that you are not really in love with, would you be willing to gift them to other sewists?



I am halfway through a pair of pants I intended to be church pants for my 4 year old.

My sewing machine has crapped out. Something is wrong with the tension inside the upper machine. No amount of changing thread or bobbin or needle or adjusting anything fixes it.

So my machine must go in for a tune up.

I will have to use this time to….cut out projects!!! And serge all around all my pieces, so they are ready to sew together!

See and Sew B6004, girls size 3


A little girls dress pattern. Just trying to use up some scraps. The stripe swimsuit material was given to me from someone else that was clearing out their own stash. The two polka dot fabrics I bought to make a rush order for a costume for my very own Mom. It caused some friction at home because I shirked both  sleep and responsibilities to get it done in time. In the end, she misunderstood the plans and she never used it after all. This left a pretty bitter taste in my mouth, so I am very pleased to make something new and fresh and sweet from those scraps.

Sewing is so emotional for me. The original pattern calls for the bottom band to be at least twice as wide, to make the dress longer, more than I had enough fabric for. I thought because it was Black against the other fabrics, it would be OK with a shorter ruffle. However, it was REALLY flippy and fly away. I wasn’t sure I was happy with that for the bottom, so instead of a traditional hem, I added a bias tape to the bottom edge. I am very happy with the result. The bias tape adds weight to the bottom. The bias tape finishes off the edge, nicely inside and out. Adding bias tape instead of folding up a hem means I did not lose any more length off an already shortened ruffle.

The front of the dress is exactly the same as the back. I’m not sure if that’s because the swimsuit material is so stretchy and shifty, even though I lined the bodice in cotton polka dot, or if it supposed to be the same front and back. With little kids clothes it is so hard to tell.

Anyways, it mattered to ME that you could tell the difference between the front and the back, so I added a button to the center front. I LOVE this finishing touch. Its that ba- da-bing, you know? So simple, so elegant, so yes.

I had originally planned to do three buttons down the front of the bodice, but digging around and playing with my button stash, I could not find what I had in mind.  Pouring over my buttons was the most fun part of the project.

I was dreading the ruffles. But, on a project this small, they were manageable, surprisingly easy even. I didn’t snap a single thread while I gathered up the fabric. This is a first for me.

Last, I would like to say that the instructions in the pattern for attaching the shoulder straps to the bodice are VERY STUPID. I see now why people do muslins before the real project. I would make this pattern again, but next time I will do my own way with the shoulder straps. I might not even make them from fabric – just use a coordinating really wide ribbon. I actually ended up hand stitching them onto the dress. This might have been in part due to the fact that the swimsuit stripe fabric was so unstable. I wanted it exactly perfect….because that’s how I am…and I just couldn’t trust rushing it through my clunky happy go chunky machine.

Although I am very satisfied with the overall look of this project, and I think it’s trendy and fashionista and all, its HUGE for my baby girl. Also, I don’t really feel like it’s my style..

So I am going to try to sell it. If that doesn’t work it will just hang in the closet for a few years. The fabric is out of my stash, and I don’t feel like it was a waste of time of fabric.

What will I sew out of my stash next?