April – (Jackets) , We’ll just keep that in Brackets. ☺️

Well, like the title suggests, according to the project clothe the fam schedule, April is Jackets. 

Lets pause for refelction here. 

Yep. Prob just going to run right out and buy em all spring windbreakers and fleecy hoodies. 

Actually, the only one who really needs spring  jackets is my 4 year old. It might happen. Maybe. 

Also, as far as clearing out the basement, there is the crazy quilt patchwork shark jacket I started in high school. I should throw it out. But I wont. I could finish it this month. Also, I have noticed short jackets are in again, much to my despair. Somewhere in the basement all cut out is a denim blue, pant weight rayon double breasted jacket, from my accounting firm days. 

Aaaand there is Jens daughters jacket. Which is a hand stitching repair job. I think  i would rather stab myself in the eye with a stitch ripper.  But I SHOULD do it. Get it done. Get it out of my house. 

There are also some down filled men’s winter work coats that just need new zippers put in them and they would be good as new. 

Guess what. Even bums wont wear coats with busted zippers…

Wow this was really depressing. I think I will ignore the plan and finish my sons quilt. 

And in the next week or so, one more black garbage bag may come out of my house….


2 thoughts on “April – (Jackets) , We’ll just keep that in Brackets. ☺️

  1. hahahahahahahahahahaha this should be titled… “Why jackets suck month” and then do a post about what you ACTUALLY did… which was a super cool vest and skirt! I actually LOL’d when I saw what you put about the stitch ripper…

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