Am I Crazy???

I have started much. I have completed little. I rearranged my stash, one huge shelf of wovens, one huge shelf of knits. I LOVE  it. The patterns i sew call for knits or wovens, so it makes sense to divide my fabric this way. I have WAY more fabric to look at, to play with, to choose from this way. Im hoping to get more done this way. 

Im also trying to change the way I sew. Slow and steady, instead of sewing start to finish all at once. I am trying to sew 2 seams a day, no more, no less. 

And also i have made up a schedule. BecAuse i feel overwhelmed with choices for projects. 

Not verbatim, but it goes something like this:

Linens January

Pants February

Shirts March

Jackets April 

Jammies May 

Dresses June

Linens July 

Pants August 

Shirts September 

Jackets October 

Jammies November

Dresses December

AM I CRAZY???????


2 thoughts on “Am I Crazy???

  1. I TOTALLY need to organize my fabrics like this — now that you’ve written it out, I really can’t believe I haven’t already done this. So simple and time-saving. And no — not crazy! At least I don’t think so! I’m sewing-for-sanity though, so I’ve been spending most of my free time solely on that — whether it’s pattern prepping/cutting, sewing, or even just lounging in my half-complete projects has been really impactful for me. I love your “themed” months — another idea I may steal from you!

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