When in doubt go back to what you know, in this case pants

After much sadness anger and frustration over my bad sewing day yesterday I have reached some decisions. Or….ideas. 

I’m going back to pants. I like sewing pants. Everyone wears pants. Jammie pants…sport pants…cargo pants…dress pants…work pants…golf pants…clown pants…

I understand pants. You can change the pockets, the hem line, the snugness (fit), the waistband, add a zipper, etc, but, basically, pants never change. They are pretty predictable. There are some fronts, there are  some backs. And no matter how fancy your pants are, really, there are only 4 seriously important pieces. 

Also, I am going to set some limits on fabric and pattern combinations, as I seem to be in a bad habit of choosing the wrong fabric for a clothing pattern on a regular basis, leading to glompy looking clothing. 

Glompy is so a real word. Ask any MANTAI. 

So the new fabric rules are…..drum roll please…..

Only light flowing fabrics to make clothes patterns. The exception to this rule is heavy stretchy fabrics for PJS. 

Heavy fabrics are to be used for bags, hats, aprons, and other crafty patterns. 

Everything else is for quilting. 

I promise to do my best to stick to these guidelines…..


One thought on “When in doubt go back to what you know, in this case pants

  1. I sooo know what you mean, my last pair of clown pants were so glompy that they made my golden goolies very uncomfortable, and I didn’t feel at all like the fancy pants I expected to be.

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