Mondays are for sewing

I made a few more mistakes today. I was rushing. I just really, really, want to finish something. I am now trying to examine my feelings as I write. Sewing is emotional for me. I am going away in January with some friends to spend the weekend sewing,  and at the rate I am going at,  all I will need to bring is a huge pile of stitchripping to work on. 

I like quilting…… But when I’m done quilting, I never want to see the quilt again. In fact, this seems to be a common theme. When I am done sewing something, if I dont LOVE it, I never want to lay eyes on it ever again. 

I think I need to look at the process differently. Each blog entry should be called, Now what did I learn? 

What do you do with your projects you aren’t happy with? 


One thought on “Mondays are for sewing

  1. I hoard them away.

    Leaving in January……………..What!!!!!!

    Can me and the kids come???


    Thanks……we’ll have so much fun!

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