This is Madness!!!

At the risk of sounding like a 4 year old…I’m real real mad about that!!!

I have two projects in particular that are pissing me right off right now. Two projects I “made” without directions or intructions. 

One is a skirt out of this fabulous slinky fabric from work. It was supposed to be a very straight forward easy project. Cut a whole in the middle of the fabric square to make the top of the skirt. Attach a circle of wide elastic to make a waistband. Two seams. One to sew the two ends of the elastic together, one to sew the elastic onto the fabric. Wear and wash, wear and wash, wear and wash. 

Well, I’ve lost a little weight since I last sewed for myself. So the skirt is completly finished, and its huge on me. I need to take the waist in by about 5 inches!!! I have to stitch rip the whole thing. Its a very delicate knit, Im terrified the stitch ripping is going to cause runs in the fabric. Normally, I would probably just cut the seam off, and try again, rather than risk ruining it by ripping it out. But, I can’t just cut off the edge of the elastic, it would just unravel ever after! 

So for now I am abandoning it. 

I also recently attempted to make a quilt front. It turned out beautifully. I was so pleased. Then I went out and bought 2.5 m of 90″ quilt batt and chose a wide fabric for the backing. I laid them all out together, and began pinning them together. First in the middle, working out, then from the top of the front, working down the quilt, and lastly, from the back, trying to keep it all flat. 

This is not my forte. Now I will look at finished full size quilts in even more awe than before. It didnt matter which way I worked it, I couldn’t get all three layers to lay flat. In fact, I am so upset with how hard the putting together was, I might rip out the whole front and try the quilt as you go method. 

I will probably never use that quilt batt I bought. And that makes me mad mad mad. I don’t know what to do. Stupid stash buster project. Now I have more unfinished business to put back in the basement. And that quilt batt is HUGE!!! Guess I will be using a vacumn bag for that. 


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