Pillowcases, a set


No, it’s not going to be a Dr. Who Dinner Party. Just preparing my fabric to make it nice and straight.


Here is a close up of the exploding Tardis fabric, for my neighbor, as per her request.


Using a REAL pillowcase as a pattern…


I forgot to buy matching thread. I promised myself that if I could afford to buy fabric, I could afford to buy a matching spool of thread. I own zero yellow thread. So which brown will it be?


My very hands on helper.


French seams on the insides of the pillowcases.


I love French seams. Sew lovely.


All done! I have been sewing so many sporty pants for my boys, I almost forgot how wonderful good pure cotton felt to work with. Sew, press, sew, press. I really, really, enjoyed this project. I think everyone might get licenced cotton pillowcases for Christmas.


One thought on “Pillowcases, a set

  1. What a lovely hand, fantastic pillow cases and adorable little girl. I really enjoyed enjoying those pictures.

    Thank you

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