Sew pretty


Here are all my threads. On display, all pretty and in a row. So lovely. They fit just so on this neat slim shelf at the back of my grandmothers hutch in my dining room / kitchen table area. She is no longer with us. I hope she finds my thread display pleasing to her eye. I’ve been told that this hutch is over 300 years old now, as it came over on the boat from Sweden with the original Axine family. I don’t think it’s true.

I love Gutterman thread. And my current sewing machine also loves it. This makes me happy.

Some people collect shot glasses, some people collect salt and pepper shakers, I collect 100m spools of Gutterman thread.

No, no, I didn’t buy them all, some were given to me by other collectors… Lol…

Today was sewing day, so I worked on quite a few projects, using my Gutterman threads. Once I download the photos I will post all about it from the big basement computer.

And yes for those smarty pants over observant people yes that is cat food and a water bowl for the cat also on the antique hutch. I am sure this pleases my grandmother much less. However, I have a 1 year old at home, who likes to

eat cat food

spill or stand in the water dish

and lay on the cat while dear old Frank is eating.

So for his comfort and sanity his dishes are up until she is older and has better taste in foods.

What is your favourite brand of thread, and why?


One thought on “Sew pretty

  1. It looks fantastic like a rainbow of …………………thread. Well I never claimed to be descriptive. Barrett used to enjoy the cat food as well, in fact he probably still does.

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