Another great pair of pants DONE

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My kids complain that there are no pockets in the pants I made them with the piping or cording down the sides. These are very thick polar fleece, so I opted to add cargo pockets on top of the side seams instead of bulky in seam side pockets. I know the polar fleece doesn’t fray at all, so I didn’t even finish off the edges, just turned to top under “for looks” and sewed the pockets on. In hind sight, I regret using accent color thread. I should have used black, or white.

Every pair of pants I make, I make a pocket waist band, and insert the elastic through the space. I have always used high quality elastic. I dont understand why, but on my boys’s pants, the elastic ALWAYS folds in half!!! This drives me bananas.

So, for this pair, I actually sewed the elastic to the fabric, carefully pinning it, so each section would scrunch up evenly. Such technical terms. Then, I folded the fabric over the elastic, and sewed it down. Once this was done, I was so upset to see that one side of the waistband was practically flat, and the other side was gathered nicely. If you look closely you can see this in the waist band photo. I hope it sorts itself out in the wash.

My kids can never tell the difference between the front and the back of the pants I make unless I add bum pockets. I am hoping to soon learn how to add a fake fly.

As these pants don’t have back pockets, I added a fake label to the back of the pants using seam binding.  Aren’t I clever!!

Then I hemmed them just in time for the 10 year old to arrive home from school. I made him try them on, and he put my lunch drink in one of the pockets.

I was rewarded with, “These are the best pants ever, MOM, thanks.”

That was nice of him. Now, we will see if he actually ever wears them, or if he was just saying that to be nice to his sewing MUM.


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