I learned a lot

So pretty. Or is it? 

The first thing i want to say is that i made this little baby quilt all from fabric and bias tape binding i had in my stash. Yay me, right? In hindsight i would have been more choosy, more careful, using only elements that said, yes, love, to my soul. 

Some of the squares repeat, some are one of a kind. In hindsight i find this visually disturbing, as if I am only reading half of the unfinished squares. Next time, all patterns will have a repeat, or no patterns will have more than one unit. 

I was sure these words would be covered up by the binding, so i didnt trim the selvages off my flannel pieces. That was dumb, obviously. I dont want to redo it. I might just hand sew on a bunch of buttons and ribbon bows there. 

The front corners look wonderful. But look what happened on the bottom as it went through the machine. This hasnt happened to me before, so it frustrates me!!! As in, now what did i forget to do, that my corners arent working anymore!!!! 

Sometime, when i am having coffee at home with a friend, i will hand stitch these messy fussy corners down. 

Now, to get 6 costumes altered to perfect before the party on the 24th. Hope we can go early and make a grand entrance. Otherwise its hardly worth it, dont you think? 


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