a light at the end of the tunnell

it feels like i have a million unfinished projects.

actually, i think i do…at least 100 anyway.

today i had a friend ask me why we don’t sew together during the day. i said, no one ever asked me that before!!! i would love to!!!

So Monday is the day. We are going to sew together. I am so excited. It will force me to finish some things.

i cant wait to start posting pics of FINISHED things again.

i will have to make some adjustments to my housekeeping schedule. I can manage it. After mondays, i have all week to get all the laundry done and make sure the kitchen is spic and span before i head to work on Saturdays. Thats the plan anyway.

She has a 4 year old and a one year old too. Im so excited that the kids will have play dates. My 4 year old is having a hard time adjusting to having his big brothers gone to school all day every day.

i think i am going to go shopping at work at the fabric store today. i have a few things i need to pick up, some stuff i would like to have on hand to get some stuff completed.


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