There is a contest for the best dressed family at a Shriners event on the 24th. I want to win this year so bad. There are so many things I do not do well, wifing, housekeeping, parenting, but costume creation by sewing, this is a grand slam no brainer for me. THIS is something i can do BRILLIANTLY.

I will reveal nothing till after the contest. LAST YEAR i had an awesome idea and i let it slip out on FACEBOOK and about 20 others arrived as imitators. Because we arrived late, WE looked like the imitators. I WAS SO PISSED OFF.

SO!!! or….SEW!!!! I have 5 weeks to sew 6 costumes….spend spend spend!!!!

i have been scoping out my supplies and fabrics and trims at work on Saturdays for weeks now. Now its GOTIME.

Ready, Set, SEW TO WIN!!!

Wish me luck???

Can you GUESS what we 6 will be???? SHHHH!!!! Don’t leak a word of it to the others!!!! ESPECIALLY YOU FRED FLINSTONE!!!


One thought on “Halloween!!!!

  1. You are an AMAZING Mom and an Exceptional Wife and the house can learn to keep itself. You are beautiful and Loved and we ALL would be lost and forlorn without your endless love and patience. You are kind, generous, giving and forgiving and if we could all just follow your example a little bit more you would see the truth in these words.

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