Monthly Archives: September 2015


dear sewing…

I hate you. I never want to see you again unless sometime in the future i happen to live alone again. 

You are mean. You are an evil monster. I want to throw both my machines right through the front window. But i love my windows, so i wont. 

You are a real jerk. All i wanted to do was finish my kids pants, you know? 3 hours later, all i have is a mess of thread and some ruined leg pieces. Also, my one year old ate my tampons right out of the box right out from under the bathroom sink while i was trying to rethread my serger one million times. 

I hate you sewing. I hope i never meet you again. 


a light at the end of the tunnell

it feels like i have a million unfinished projects.

actually, i think i do…at least 100 anyway.

today i had a friend ask me why we don’t sew together during the day. i said, no one ever asked me that before!!! i would love to!!!

So Monday is the day. We are going to sew together. I am so excited. It will force me to finish some things.

i cant wait to start posting pics of FINISHED things again.

i will have to make some adjustments to my housekeeping schedule. I can manage it. After mondays, i have all week to get all the laundry done and make sure the kitchen is spic and span before i head to work on Saturdays. Thats the plan anyway.

She has a 4 year old and a one year old too. Im so excited that the kids will have play dates. My 4 year old is having a hard time adjusting to having his big brothers gone to school all day every day.

i think i am going to go shopping at work at the fabric store today. i have a few things i need to pick up, some stuff i would like to have on hand to get some stuff completed.

Sewing. Patterns

how do you store your sewing patterns? I want to be able to look through all my patterns at the drop of a hat. I hole punched all my pattern envelopes and put them in a 3 ring binder. Patterns in the top two holes, are adult sizes. Patterns in the bottom 2 rings, are child sizes. 

All the instructions, and pattern pieces, i put in blank white envelopes, and put them in a plastic tub. Next, i will put them in numerical order. Now i can browse through my patterns like a pattern book. Then, selecting a pattern to sew, i simply go to my numerical index, and pull the instructions and pattern pieces, and begin to sew. 

How do you sort your pattern pieces? 



There is a contest for the best dressed family at a Shriners event on the 24th. I want to win this year so bad. There are so many things I do not do well, wifing, housekeeping, parenting, but costume creation by sewing, this is a grand slam no brainer for me. THIS is something i can do BRILLIANTLY.

I will reveal nothing till after the contest. LAST YEAR i had an awesome idea and i let it slip out on FACEBOOK and about 20 others arrived as imitators. Because we arrived late, WE looked like the imitators. I WAS SO PISSED OFF.

SO!!! or….SEW!!!! I have 5 weeks to sew 6 costumes….spend spend spend!!!!

i have been scoping out my supplies and fabrics and trims at work on Saturdays for weeks now. Now its GOTIME.

Ready, Set, SEW TO WIN!!!

Wish me luck???

Can you GUESS what we 6 will be???? SHHHH!!!! Don’t leak a word of it to the others!!!! ESPECIALLY YOU FRED FLINSTONE!!!