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McCalls 5952 pirate pjs

I seem to have forgotten to blog on these pants! And I had so much fun making them! After cutting out the baby’s lady bug pants one piece at a time, I decided cutting fabric single layer wasn’t so bad. So I gathered up these flannell remnants I had. I cut out each front and each back single layer, making it the opposite of the piece before. One thing you HAVE to remember to do when doing this, is to flip your pattern piece face down for half your cuts and face up for the othe half. Or, you will end up with two right fronts and no left fronts etc. 

I didn’t really have enough to make full length pants, so I hemmed them with bias tape so as not to lose any length. Did I mention how much I love using bias tape on everything? Lol. Then I cut out the pockets from the extra scraps. I even added a silly patch to one side to make the pants even more pirate like. 

The pj pants are just so silly and fun. I want to hug my kid every time he wears them, because he is so darn cute in them! Especially when he shoves his hands deep into his front pockets and scowls. How  to smile every time your offspring has a temper tantrum? Super cute pants, of course!  


These pockets are going to look even cooler after they are washed and dried a few times. The close zig zag will prevent fraying, and the edges will be soft, like a great favorite pair of old cut offs. 



Camp weekend pants

#1 and #2 went to scouts camp this weekend past. Husband went to man camp. I basically pulled an all nighter Friday night and sewed. 

I downloaded a FREE pattern from either or . 

When I printed the boys size 10  mesh pants pattern pdf both websites were printed on it. 

I’m new to blogging and to giving credit using hyperlinks so please feel free to comment some tips and tricks if I’m doing it wrong. 

I am THRILLED with these two new pants for the 10 year old. 

I didn’t read the tutorial, silly me, I thought that would take too long, so I just went for it. In hindsight, I lost about an hour staring at the paper trying to figure out which line was size 10. I think it was just me. It was, sort of, the middle of the night, after all. 

Once I had the pattern taped together, these pants went together fast. I didn’t put ANY pockets on. I just really wanted them to be done. I feel like I have gotten comfortable sewing easy projects, now with 4 kids. Especially since I found my zipper foot to add in the corded stripe on the side. This time it was SO EASY. So, I am ready to try out some more things I used to sew with ease before kids. Like, front pockets, or side seam pockets. Attached waistbands, on top of front pockets, instead of fold over waistbands. 

I sewed the first pair according to the pattern, but I laid the two pieces together, so there is no side seam. I find them a bit wide in the leg, near the bottom. The second go round I cut both front and back, and I tapered the inseam slightly. They are narrower, but I think if I sew a third pair WITH POCKETS ! 😀 I will narrow the leg even more. But that’s just fashion changing. We will see how they fit once he actually puts them on, but so far, it’s a really great pattern, for a free pattern!!!

I am loving using the serger. It really makes project completion so fast and easy. 

Look closely at one of the pants. That’s right, gorgeous, soft, silky, dressy stretch corduroy, turned inside out. Looks just like every other pair of sport pants out there. I bought this gorgeous fabric to make my 3 boys three pairs of dress pants. One brown fabric became a Barney costume for Fred and Barney from the Flinstones. Now, a second fabric became a pair of boys sport pants. What can I say. These pants are easy. They are not fancy. But when your kid says, MOM! These are awesome! Who are they for??? Yes!!! Can I wear them right now??? I feel like I am the world best Mom, and top clothing designer and university trained seamstress all rolled into one. Who could ask for anything more? 


No side seams.



As soon as he tries these on for length, I will be hemming these babies!!!


. its that time of year again. There are only a few weeks left before schools out. My husband will be off from teaching, and all four bear cubs will be prowling around day and night for 8 weeks. Not to mention the constant invasion of neighbourhood children. 

All of this makes sewing nearly impossible. This makes me sad, but there will be other adventures to fill the holidays! The truth is that I am simply disappointed with how few projects I completed between September and June. But the baby is almost one year old. It is going to get easier and easier as she grows. She will need me less and less. Or, more and more, but in different ways. MAYBE one day she will even sit down at my sewing machine and sew up a doll outfit. I put my first zipper in a doll outfit on my moms machine when I was 8. I never thought it was a big deal. Now that I have an 8 year old and a ten year old, I get it. I was a sewing marvel! Now at 40, I sure struggle with zippers! How life changes! 

I hope to post a few more projects before the end of JUNE. If not, I will see you in September. Get outside and enjoy the sunshine, fellow crafty folks. Inspiration for your next project is everywhere in the big big world.