Suck pads

Ya you heard me right. They are called Suck Pads. For babies who chew or suck on straps. I also think they would go great around the bars of the grocery cart that my little one is always sucking on. 

My first  attempt  was with terry towel and it just ended up a huge lumpy stack of crap. I texted my friend and I said I’m sorry you are just going to have to buy them somewhere else. I can’t sew without a pattern!!! 

She said your not getting off that easy!!! Here is the tutorial.

So I tried it. Followed the directions and made one. 

I wanted it to be reversible so I made Velcro loops too. 

I feel very meh. About this project. It seems so….lame. That’s what you wanted? This thing is all the latest rage? Really? I don’t know. I’m so unsure. I think I need her to be all enthusiastic about it. 

I do think it’s very pretty. I love the complimenting ribbons and fabrics. And it was uh…..dare I say….incredibly easy. I just can’t believe there is a demand for these things.  



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