New Look 6446 and green cozy pants ctnd

my husband is bamboozling me with kindness at the moment so I have made me time a priority. While watching True Lies with a dear friend last night, I fussy cut two fronts and two backs from a scrap of white denim I was given. It is embroidered with lady bugs so I had to cut each piece one at a time to get the lady bugs excActly where I wanted them. Two on the bum, and I messed up on the other ones. They were supposed to be on the outside of the front leg but no matter. Sigh. Today I remembered that I had some red lace trim in my stash and when I lined it up on the pants I got so excited I dropped all my chores to sew them together. 


While I was searching for a bobbin of white thread, I came across my zipper foot. I haven’t seen it in years. Having babies ruins organization of any kind…too many sleepless nights with 4 kids!!!!

Needless to say I was kind of super excited as I had pinned piping to my sons track pants just yesterday. So I put the zipper foot to the test with piping. The result is FANTASTIC. 


And now it’s time to clean up. I feel so good!!! About what I got done today, I am not taking any chances. My bigs are on the way home from school, so it’s time to say good bye for now. As always, I hope my blog inspires you to go confidently in the direction of your heart with your sewing.  


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