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Suck pads

Ya you heard me right. They are called Suck Pads. For babies who chew or suck on straps. I also think they would go great around the bars of the grocery cart that my little one is always sucking on. 

My first  attempt  was with terry towel and it just ended up a huge lumpy stack of crap. I texted my friend and I said I’m sorry you are just going to have to buy them somewhere else. I can’t sew without a pattern!!! 

She said your not getting off that easy!!! Here is the tutorial.

So I tried it. Followed the directions and made one. 

I wanted it to be reversible so I made Velcro loops too. 

I feel very meh. About this project. It seems so….lame. That’s what you wanted? This thing is all the latest rage? Really? I don’t know. I’m so unsure. I think I need her to be all enthusiastic about it. 

I do think it’s very pretty. I love the complimenting ribbons and fabrics. And it was uh…..dare I say….incredibly easy. I just can’t believe there is a demand for these things.  



Finished ladybug pants

And then they were done. She is 10 months, and these are a 12 month size, but they are huge. Maybe next summer. I love them. I’m so happy with the finished project. I can’t wait to sew more cutie pie girlie stuff. 


Cheeky lady bugs!!! Hee hee hee!!!    

New Look 6446 and green cozy pants ctnd

my husband is bamboozling me with kindness at the moment so I have made me time a priority. While watching True Lies with a dear friend last night, I fussy cut two fronts and two backs from a scrap of white denim I was given. It is embroidered with lady bugs so I had to cut each piece one at a time to get the lady bugs excActly where I wanted them. Two on the bum, and I messed up on the other ones. They were supposed to be on the outside of the front leg but no matter. Sigh. Today I remembered that I had some red lace trim in my stash and when I lined it up on the pants I got so excited I dropped all my chores to sew them together. 


While I was searching for a bobbin of white thread, I came across my zipper foot. I haven’t seen it in years. Having babies ruins organization of any kind…too many sleepless nights with 4 kids!!!!

Needless to say I was kind of super excited as I had pinned piping to my sons track pants just yesterday. So I put the zipper foot to the test with piping. The result is FANTASTIC. 


And now it’s time to clean up. I feel so good!!! About what I got done today, I am not taking any chances. My bigs are on the way home from school, so it’s time to say good bye for now. As always, I hope my blog inspires you to go confidently in the direction of your heart with your sewing.  

Kwik Sew 2858 Altered size 4

the first time I saw my AUNT do this I thought she was out of her mind. But after I gave birth to number 4 I had no time to pin, pin, pin. So I went for it. And I learned something. Spend the bucks on really, really, good sewing scissors. Don’t use them for anything else. Cut carefully and slowly. Be confident. Sewing is what matters for garment perfection, not cut out.  

Plus you can plan what to have for supper as you cut out your project. 


Looks like it’s going to be some kind of creamy beany chilli today, with a side of ravioli!


Ignore the food on the floor. Baby eating while I was cutting. 

This is crap fabric. It is some weird stretchy stuff. I should be making dinosaur and turtle toys out of it, not pants. But here is the thing. Boys put holes in pants. Often at the knees. So why am I buying poorly made pants, for good money, for them to blow holes in???? So this is a great earthy trendy green for boys pants, I love to sew, and it won’t cost me any more money to clothe them out of my fabric horde. 

The grainy side of the pants will be the outside. Like sport pants. 

The fuzzy side of the fabric will be the inside of the pants. Say it with me, ooooooh cozy.